Wireless Parking Solutions

Paying for parking meters via your mobile phone isn’t a new concept. It’s been used before in a variety of locations. However, this IT-Analysis piece has more details on one such solution, that sounds overly complex. Instead of just letting users call a specific number and input a code – the way others have done – this one requires users to get a special “RFID transponder card” that is displayed in the car, and which can be read by meter maids. Also, instead of just adding the charge to the user’s phone bill, this solution requires the person to set up a credit or debit card associated with the parking account. Finally, the headline of the article suggests that it will compare this solution to a similar WiFi solution – but never seems to get to that part. The only mention of WiFi is in the second paragraph noting that one parking lot has signs for a WiFi hotspot. It’s not even clear if the hotspot is in the parking lot, or if they’re just advertising for a hotspot elsewhere.

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