Look At That: There Are Women Online Too

from the this-is-news? dept

Not quite sure that this is really all that surprising, but Yahoo! has put together a study (mainly targeted at their advertisers) pointing out that women actually use the internet too. In fact, it’s the “leading media of choice” among women, and overall comes only after work, sleep, and spending time with family as being the most important time spent. The study notes that women use the internet at work, and are good at multitasking – having work-related and non-work-related sites open at the same time and flipping back and forth between the two. They found that women believe surfing non-work sites at work is fine, since they tend to do more work outside of the office as well – and they’re also spending more time at the office. The folks at Yahoo! seem positively shocked that women (gasp!) actually use search as well. “The other thing that I think that was a revelation [for us] and that has been a common consensus is that women are task-oriented, but this research shows that they do use the Internet for searching and browsing–it’s not just for destination-related activities.” And to think, before this, Yahoo! apparently thought that only men used search. Maybe all the women have been over at Google…

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