FBI Takes Down Warez Group

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An update to the earlier story we had on a schools being raided by the FBI for sharing music files, here’s the news on a larger FBI operation to shut down a larger software, music and movies warez group. This makes more sense than just going after file sharing, but it still makes you wonder. There is this huge terrorist threat thing going on right now, and you would think that it might make more sense for the FBI to protect us from being blown up than to worry about people sharing music files that they can probably get on file sharing networks anyway.

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Comments on “FBI Takes Down Warez Group”

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alternatives says:

Come now.....

Mike, you should know better. The laws exist to make sure the people with property keep their property.

The very valuable Metalica songs need protection so Lars can be paid for his music. And very tall and expensive buildings also need protection.

If the planes that crashed into the towers/pentagon instead crashed in the slums of NYC or Chicago and killed the same number of people, do you really think the billions now being spent would have been spent?

When the FBI and law inforcement decide to go after Congressmen staff and extended family or how about the 8 gig+ file servers in Iraq for file copying like they go after others, then I’d say they are doing a fine job.

Justice is blind, right? I mean, the law is to apply equally….

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Come now.....

Oh, shut…up. Please.

Neither the original post nor your sarcasm changes the issue. Naive Americans like yourselves seem to think that our fine investigators at the FBI all go to a morning assembly when they get to work in order to discover what they’re going to do that shift, and then all converge upon the Issue of the Day. FBI and all law enforcement staff are tasked within different areas, from anti-terrorism to illegal immigration to kidnapping to software piracy. A victory in any department is still a victory, despite your feelings about the warez scene and how much better we’d all probably feel about stopping a plot to blow something up.

NOBODY says:

No Subject Given

But the point is that you never hear about a terrorist attack that’s been foiled, and how stupid these people are for attempting to attack America. No. Instead you hear about the FBI busting down the doors in America’s public schools. I would rather hear about busted terrorists personally. Parade them in the streets, humiliate, and execute, I always say . 🙂

Chomper says:

Re: Re: No Subject Given

While true, I think this applies more to the past than the current situation we face in the US. Terrorism should be our #1 priority. PERIOD!! The fact 9/11 happend should be enough cause for the FBI to put all it’s manpower towards terrorism.

This is not naivete, this is just life. We are facing a bunch of nut cases who are hellbent on destroying this country. No point in Lars getting paid if half of America is gone.

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