Using TiVo To Get Around The Rules

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While this article is focused on things in the UK, the idea equally applies here in the US where the FCC has suddenly gone on high alert trying to “clean up” the airwaves. The idea is that if broadcast companies started sending additional content to TiVo or TiVo-like PVR devices that could fit around the show, but never actually be broadcast on television, there’s no reason that that the additional content needs to abide by regulations. So, in the article linked here, it talks about advertisements for beer and cars that don’t need to meet specific (very strict) advertising laws in the UK. In the US, you could (in theory) include additional “too hot for broadcast TV” content that could easily be slotted in to programs viewed on a PVR. Of course, as with any kind of loophole, it’s only a matter of time before lawmakers with too much time on their hands decide to close it.

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