California Says No More Diebold

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Following story after story after story of questionable actions by Diebold with their electronic voting machines, culminating in the news that they knew they were breaking the law by using uncertified software in their machines during last month’s primaries, a commission has recommended that California decertify all Diebold voting machines. Secretary of State Kevin Shelley has until the end of next week to make a decision on whether or not to follow the recommendation, and so far he’s shown a good understanding of the issues involved (he is the one who said all e-voting machines should have a paper trail). Diebold’s response is typical. Instead of admitting that they screwed up repeatedly in very damaging ways, they claim that being decertified “doesn’t solve the problems” – suggesting that it’s not their fault that they didn’t solve their own problems and went ahead with illegally using software that hadn’t been certified.

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Comments on “California Says No More Diebold”

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1 Comment
Tim (user link) says:

No Subject Given

Unfortunately the commission did not vote (yet) to ban all Diebold machines. From the SF Chron:

The recommendation affects 15,000 Diebold touch-screen machines in San Diego, Solano, Kern and San Joaquin counties….
The vote doesn’t affect thousands of Diebold optical scan machines that read marked ballot cards in 17 counties. Nor does it affect an earlier generation of 4,000 Diebold touch-screen machines in Alameda and Plumas counties.

So far the lousy machines that screwed up in the March primary may still be used in Alameda county again. I used them in Berkeley and I hated them.

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