California Senator Moves Forward With Plan To Ban Gmail

from the wonderful dept

Following up on already announced intentions (and apparently ignoring everyone who explained why this is a terrible, terrible idea), California Senator Liz Figueroa has introduced a bill to ban Gmail saying that – even though Google is upfront about scanning emails to offer contextual advertising and it’s a choice of the user – it should be illegal. Her complaint is that Google will use email contents as a “direct marketing opportunity.” I hadn’t realized that there was anything illegal about direct marketing. If we’re going to go after direct marketers there are an awful lot of direct marketing practices that I would target before a perfectly useful, perfectly upfront company’s email client.

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Comments on “California Senator Moves Forward With Plan To Ban Gmail”

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OldYeller says:


This person’s truly clueless, Jeff’s right, or both.

Hell, why not pass a law that requires email senders to be made aware of the applications & services used by the recipient, so they can opt out of sending their email if they don’t like them?

If she wants to use her 15 minutes of fame, she should pick a better issue.

Tom (user link) says:

Senator Figueroa & Gmail

If you think spending millions in tax dollars to pass and enforce a law banning Gmail (and loads of other similar, useful services) then send an email to Tell her that if someone doesn’t like GMail, then they can simply not sign up for it.

Please circulate this email address (without spamming anyone).

And keep the flames to a minimum, no matter how tempting. It will be more effective that way.

(Sen. Liz Figueroa is the CA State Senator from Fremont, District 10).

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