Your Password For A Chocolate Bar, A Pen, Or Nothing At All

from the suckers dept

Last year we pointed to a study saying that people would give you their password in exchange for a cheap ballpoint pen, and this year the prize has changed, but the result is the same. A new study shows that all it takes is a chocolate bar and plenty of people will cough up their passwords. Of course, what they don’t realize is that whoever was giving out the chocolate bars was the real sucker. A study last month showed that people will cough up all sorts of info if you just ask for it, without giving anything in return.

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Comments on “Your Password For A Chocolate Bar, A Pen, Or Nothing At All”

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AMetamorphosis says:

Making up #'s ...

I used to work for a kind elderly Woman that was a frequent target of scammers that would ask her for her credit card #’s.

After teaching her that these people were thief’s she would give them false credit card #’s. It was actually funny to put these people on speaker phone and listen to her act like she was senile and going to get her purse to give them the #. Several times the thief’s would yell @ her that those were not valid credit card #’s.

It was fun to watch her get a gleam in her eye and make asses out of the thief’s.

I’ll give you my passwords for a candy bar ( wink )

Joe Baderderm says:

Survey freebies

I gave my online wireless phone bill to a company b/c they were offering a total of $50.00 in Amazon GCs. I changed my password after a month b/c they never gave me the initial $10.00 GC I was supposed to get. It was from an online survey company that I trust (and I checked for a phishing scam). All the info on the wireless site was safe and I checked it regularly.

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