Spammer Launches Clothing Line?

from the don't-let-that-fame-go-to-your-head... dept

In what seems like it should be a late April Fool’s joke, well known spammer Scott Richter seems to have changed his tune a bit on claiming that his company is in the permission marketing, rather than spamming, business. After getting accused by various companies and the Attorney General of New York of being one of the biggest spammers out there, Richter has decided to launch his own brand of “SpamKing” clothing. Try not to gag as you read about the clothes (targeting “the hip-hop, grunge and skateboarding crowds”) will include such catchy phrases as “Just Opt Out!” and “Click it!” Not surprisingly, he plans to spam people like crazy to promote the clothing. In the meantime, the article notes (more seriously) that Richter also plans to file lawsuits against anti-spam groups for stopping his “legitimate” messages. Considering that previous lawsuits like this haven’t gone very far, it’s likely that any lawsuit he files will also be an annoying waste of time for anti-spam groups (just like spam itself).

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