The Hazards Of Daylight Saving Time

from the tech-support-nightmare dept

For me, the Daylight Saving experience mostly consisted of a question Sunday morning of “wait, which 10am is it right now?” Otherwise, I’ve had to change my watch and a couple clocks and I’ve been fine. Most gadgets and computers now know enough to automatically adjust, but not all of them do – and that causes consumer electronics tech support hell for the next few days for some people. The phone calls start pouring in from those who can’t remember how to change the clock on their VCR, or whose gadgets aren’t properly syncing. It brings out quite a bit of anger from some people, but also some hilarious quotes: “Honestly, I don’t get daylight-saving time. It’s just a biannual government-mandated case of jetlag as far as I’m concerned.”

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Comments on “The Hazards Of Daylight Saving Time”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Except Phoenix

Keep in mind Arizona (and I think one other state) doesn’t observe DLS. This actually works for me in California since for ~7 months, DLS puts my boss and I in the same time zone. While one hour may not be much, it’s we actually have better communication when our time zones are sync’d.

Independent of work, I have always preferred DLS since I like having an additional 2 hours+ of daylight after work to do things outside. Personally, I would prefer that we went on “permanent” DLS rather than switch back at all, but I believe this was shot down some years ago since it would make kids wait in the dark for their morning school bus in the winter.

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