Canadian Politicians Look To Change Law To Help Out Music Industry Friends

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Well that didn’t take long at all. Last week a Canadian court pointed out that the music industry had no way of showing that people using file sharing programs were actually breaking the law and we predicted that there would soon be an effort to change Canadian laws. It’s already begun. In fact, Canada’s prime minister is saying that he supports an effort to change the laws because they need to make sure such an important industry isn’t “jeopardized.” Canada’s “federal heritage minister” also says that it’s important to change the laws as quickly as possible. Instead of immediately sucking up to the industry, perhaps they should take the time to figure out how file sharing may actually help the music industry – as more and more studies are starting to show. It’s really too bad that so many politicians continue to take the kneejerk reaction fed to them by the recording industry – especially in light of increasing evidence that it isn’t file sharing that’s the problem at all.

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Comments on “Canadian Politicians Look To Change Law To Help Out Music Industry Friends”

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Anonymous Canadian Coward says:

Time for constructive suggestions

OK, everyone, if you’re up to the challenge of shaping the laws in Canada, here is your chance. You can reach the Prime Minister of Canada at and you can reach the Federal Heritage Minister at If you think you’ve got a suggestion on file sharing and Canadian law send your comments to these people.

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