Is Fighting Spam More Profitable Than Spamming?

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I always think it’s a bit odd to get into a business where true success means that you put yourself out of business. It certainly makes the incentives to succeed a bit skewed. Still, plenty of companies have rushed into the the anti-spam business and some are finding it to be quite profitable. It makes you wonder how intent they really are about stamping out spam. Meanwhile, others are making a business out of building tools to help track down the spammers so that they can be sued or kicked off of ISPs (or, perhaps, tarred and feathered?). It certainly sounds like, for all the spam out there, it’s given rise to plenty of industries that are making money not in spamming, but in dealing with spammers.

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Comments on “Is Fighting Spam More Profitable Than Spamming?”

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1 Comment
Anonymous Coward says:


Everyone asks… who reads and/or buys from spammers. Maybe the real answer is NOONE!!!.

Maybe the anti-spammers have been taking over as the spammers are losing sales, and now its all just to sell anti-spam software.

but I still prefer thinking that it actually comes from aliens trying to judge the intelligence of the human race.

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