Even The Kids Today Think Modern Music Sucks

from the wake-up-call-for-music-execs dept

One of the arguments that many people have made concerning an alternative explanation for the decline in music sales is that today’s music just isn’t that good. A lot of people shrugged that off, though, as being typical snobbery of people who always think the music of their generation was better than the crap on the radio today. Well, now it seems that even many of today’s kids are agreeing that music from decades past was much better than what’s on the radio these days – and part of how they’re figuring that out is by experimenting with such “classic” songs by downloading them online. They get their first taste from a band they like today mentioning their influences – and they also get a lot of pointers from their parents, an idea that’s shocking to those of an older generation who made sure whatever they listened to was exactly what their parents didn’t like. Read through the article, though, and see how many record execs are positively stunned that the kids today are actually sophisticated enough to know that the music they’re pushing just isn’t very good. One other interesting tidbit in the article answers some of the concerns from some that all this downloading will “unbundle” the album by getting kids interested in only downloading one song. Instead, kids are pointing out that the old albums are full of good songs, so they want the full albums. It’s only when the albums are full of filler that people are willing to unbundle the album and just pick up a couple singles.

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Comments on “Even The Kids Today Think Modern Music Sucks”

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Adam (user link) says:

Oh Come on ...

These kind of music stories are always such crap – we all know why this article says that the “music” of today is worse than the “golden oldies,” because the “music” they’re talking about is RADIO. Sorry, but that’s not music, that’s Clear Channel’s business plan. Kids, adults, small animals ALL hate what’s on the radio, because it’s mass-marketed crap. The quality of the independent music industry, however, is lightyears beyond anything that’s been out there before. Yes, RADIO sucks more than it ever has before, that’s why God invented the Car CD Player.

DJ says:

Re: Oh Come on ...

I don’t know what insulated world you live in, Adam, but where I live there are plenty of radio stations that play music from the “independent music industry”. Unfortunately, it, as well as the mass marketed music, sucks. I’ve tried music locally, I’ve tried music available through online channels and it all sucks.

paket says:

Re: Re: Re: Oh Come on ...

News flash – radio stations are all about making money, not trying to satisfy every piddly subculture’s musical tastes. If an advertiser popped up and offered double rates for nothing but “Mary had a little lamb”, that’s what they would play. If you don’t like the music, change the station. If you don’t like any of the stations, here’s a wonderful opportunity to start your own and show the world how right you are. Of course, if it’s only yourself and your ten friends listening, you may have a tough time.
But then, it’s a whole lot easier to slap on a tin foil hat and complain on Internet message boards than to put your money where you mouth is, isn’t it?

Ididyourmama (user link) says:

Re: Re: Re:3 Anoymous"indie"coward is GAYeatshit

Lets try to kick some dirty asses here
you are a just a Indie Queer,anonymous coward,
typical of indie/emo turds,if everybody that is reading
it are tired of the”homossexualization”of “rock”today
lets start a war,one here right now,if you see a emo
or indie or another mtv spawn on street,kick his ass
or kill him with a gun,period.Its time to change this game
now its the time,lets unite our forces to stop this
assholes,cause they deserve it and are begging for it.
no place for this suckers anymore,its time to fight for
real.We Will Never forgive this people in generations,and when they will get older,they will known as the main guilt for XXI century s music idiotisczism.so Kill them all

Joe Baderderm says:

Re: Re: Re: Oh Come on ...

Yeah, now that most radio stations are just playing EXACTLY what is on MTV or VH1, there are hardly any free thinking radio programmers anymore. I barely listen to the radio except to tune in to sports. And I know there are some independent stations like KPOO around the SF Bay Area but I live a little too far north to get them.

mark says:

no, actually, modern music DOES suck

it doesn’t matter whether it’s on the radio or not. modern music DOES suck. the main reason is that younger people are choosing to recycle whatever “rock era” happens to be trendy at the time. elvis and the beatles had their influences, but they certainly didn’t sound like them. there is a difference between “influence” and “imitation.” the myth of “independent music = quality” has been propagated for far too long. it’s ALL shit. time to invent a new genre, people.

Joel says:

Re: no, actually, modern music DOES suck

To say that all modern music “sucks” is a big thing to say, and I don’t think you know enough about modern music to make such a comment. By saying such a thing you are discrediting such talented artists as Dave Matthews, the Counting Crows, Green Day, Reel Big Fish, 311, and all the other good bands of the 90’s. However, 2004 music really does suck. There is no denying that. It is strange how the quality of music has seemed to steeply decline since 9/11.

Danny says:

Re: Re: no, actually, modern music DOES suck

Dude, I have to relate with you 100%. Since 9/11 the bands have sucks more or less. And all these new rock bands sound like they haven’t gone through puberty yet. You don’t have great bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains. Band that not only rocked but wrote great lyrics.

Packrat says:

Re: Re: no, actually, modern music DOES suck

greenday hasnt been original in like 10 years…reel big fish hasnt been popular since 1998…dave matthews is so lame id much rather listen to white noise…and the counting crows? sheesh your talking about bands from the 90’s…when we are talking about modern rock, id venture to say that anything since 2000 has fallen way shorter then anything has ever before…music is dying and we as consumers are sending a message to the record companies that their shit sucks, but their too old and stupid to figure out that thats what we’re trying to say…simple economics damnt. sing some good bands and people will buy again..you keep signing sh!t like “panic! at the sh!tshow…and guess what…no ones gonna buy it CUZ IT SUCKS….’nuff said.

A7X FAN says:

Todays Music

Im 15 and your article is digusting. Older music is no better than todays(i like oldies too, so i kno both sides). The music of today is just DIFFERENT then older music(with the exception of rap,wich in my book does not fit the definition of music). They dont have any less talent than anyother musicians. My veiw on music, with the exception of rap, is that all music is good. Its just if you like it or not. Good music is just an opinion.

Inklefud says:

Re: Todays Music

Though you are only 15 I think you’ve made some wise points. Whether or not you like certain music is about “opinion”, I agree. But just as valid are others opinions that todays music sucks. If they say it sucks then they mean thier opinion is that they don’t like it. My opinion is that music has been generally sucking since the late 1970’s (I would have been 7 or 8 at the time). I listened to rock music since before I was in grade school. Then disco came in the late 70’s and all of a sudden image became “important” to producers (so it seems). I had the misfortune of experiencing probably the worst era in music, or at least mainstream music, the 1980’s. It hasn’t improved much exept for better availability of Indie music. To me if you think “all music is good” then you can’t be listening to the “music”. I’m a consumer of music and also a creator of music. It’s very powerful to really connect to a song. I advise you to really seek out some music that will grab you right in the guts and take you on an emotional ride. Don’t deprive yourself of this. I couldn’t imagine my life if I never listened to bands like Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd and many of thier influences. “Good music” is strong lyrically, musically and in originality. It also has a certain something that can’t be described. I never liked advice when I was 15, but in case you are more open minded, there it is.

A7X FAN (user link) says:

Re: Re: Inklefud

“Though you are only 15 I think you’ve made some wise points.” Thank You. Someone that realizes that where not as stupid as we might look, or because were younger. For Example, i put a phrase from The Used in my aim profile and my mom couldent uderstand it. But from my veiw i know exactly what it means.(IM me at xRockxSteady89x) Getting back to your comment, when i said “i think all music is good” it was not my opinion. That statement was saying, Music is Music. I do not think all music is good because for example i hate rap and country. Thats my opinion. But tons of people like rap and country so it can’t be “bad” music. Right? Also i do ACTUALY LISTEN to the music. I love it when your just rockin out and you get that crazy tingley shiver down your spine. To me i think thats totally connecting with your tunes, its just awsome. A lot of times i think people listen to music, because its in or just because it sounds cool. What i like about the music that i listen to, is that a can relate to what there saying. Sometimes get that chill down my spine, while the instrumentals are kicking major ass. Likewise, i couldent imagine my life without music. If i became deaf i would kill myself. And yes Pink Flyod and Led Zeplin are awsome, the old rock and metal is totaly kickass. Also all the new(i guess you could call it) alt. Rock and metal are awsome. I also like Emo, i can relate to that a lot too. Thanks for your comment and time. If you or anyone else wants to chat…IM me at xRockxSteady89x

Cherie says:

Even the Kids Today think modern music sucks

I agree, modern music does suck with the excetion of only a handful of rock songs. My 15 yr. old son doesn’t like it either. He likes a few newer songs, but mostly he listens to older stuff like Ozzy, AC/DC, Def Leppard, ect. Most music, especially in the rap, hip-hop, and pop genre has gone to shit in the last seven to eight years. It’s all a bunch of prepackaged crap now! I think the music kings have finally run out of ideas. 95% of the music stinks to high heaven now. It really scary to imagine what will be blaring over the airwaves 10 years from now.

Bryan says:

music industry is not in good health (refering to

I agree that todays music sucks in the United States(US). The attention sets to rap artist that I recall are rats that send messages that are harsh, crude and are mad spirited. I think it’s unhealthy for the music industry to release such material. Rap that dominates the music charts has no musical elements, lacks adding intrest; the bass and perrcusion line constantly repeats the same pattern through out the whole recording,{though not on all rap}; many times the pitch of the rapper never changes,and the lyrics is just in a form of a gothic conversation. Rap is underproduced. These are just a few charistics I notice in rap that is charting.(with some exception to The Game for making rap closer to musical)I think despite the rhythm, I think that it’s effortless for them record a rap song. It’s a sad shame that the musicians that are working all of their energy for endless hours and months making a true mastpiece are unnoticed. They are in the underground league that deserve to go mainstream {I inclued musicains in the fine arts}. I find it ironic that todays major label record companies invest millions of dollars to promote music that is dull and boring. Personally I listen to music from the ’60s to the’80s and some from the’90s. I question where is the mouse trap? I think that eventailly that society will lose concience on rap and boring music where I think that even Shaun Cassidy will be remembered more, I’ll add Iron Butterfly. Hello again to Stevie Wonder & Fleetwood Mac {just a few music artist. I do wish for Emin-nut {thats what I call him} to jump in the lake and stay in it. THERE IS NO QUESTION THAT GOOD MUSIC NEEDS TO COME BACK TO THE MUSIC CHARTS! I think a lot of peaple in the US are starving for it.
Sidenote to the rappers: bring the toaster out.

JDG says:

Re: music industry is not in good health (refering

I agree with the above comment. Rap has become a cash cow for quite a few people. You will not be seeing an end to the trend for at least another year. The Asian market will buy ANYTHING with a backbeat…this gives more money for more PR and exposure in the USA.

I think MySpace has been calling out better music. Things will change. It just takes time.

Germ says:

American music today is nausiating. What with all the Lincoln park whiny middle class white boy bullshit. What happened to GOOD music?

What happened to musicians actualy trying to use their medium to convey a message WORTH hearing?

I dont give a flyin f*ck about what the lead singer of system of a down thinks about war and politics. If i wanted to hear about that shit i’d turn on CNN! All i want my rock stars to do is kick ass, fuck groupies, and injest copius amounts of narcotics.

Rap isnt much better, but no offense brian, rap has been underproduced tedius rythm and bass since it started. Its what makes rap .. rap.

not that i’m saying its bad. I enjoy plenty of rap songs.

Kain says:

Americans are losers

Mainstream sucks because americans suck.

MTV has killed rap, by forcing most radio stations to play their music if they want to stay on the air. I know alot of people don’t consider rap music but that’s not true, mainstream rap is not music. You may listen to that crappy Nelly shit and “Mr.Hardcore Bow Wow” and thats why everyone hates rap. REAL good rap is underground and lots of rap isn’t just the bling, money, and hoes crap, it’s real poetic forms of music.

Now rock is also being completely destroyed by mainstream bands. It’s the same whiny “girlfriend-died-and-left-me-empty-in-my-soul” crap. Then again I’m not a very big fan of rock besides bands like Chevelle.

Then you have the people who claim to be fans. Once Fort Minor had Where’d You Go? as a hit, suddenly EVERYBODY liked Mike Shinoda. Real Linkin Park fans who like songs outside of Numb and Faint know what I’m talking about.

Whatever though, there really isn’t anything you can do about it. This is why it’s hard being my age (14) because I don’t know anybody else who likes less popular artist. Most people I know won’t listen to it if they can’t bounce their ass to it. Americans suck.

Hiryu Toriyama says:

Re: Americans are losers

Yo dude, I hate to pop your souffle there, but don’t say that American’s suck because of music. In truth, it’s only a handful of people overall that cause music these days to suck royal balls. I agree with you that music sucks. Truth be told the newest music I listen to is from the mid 1990s. Most of the music I listen to isn’t even North American; I listen to Japanese heavy metal, the quality is from the 80s but with new tones and quality. But you being as young as you are, I applaude you for making so many valid and informed points. Huzzah to you dude.

Angus says:

yea the people who are in control ruined our cultu

the music that people claim is big in todays world, seems dull in comparision to oldies and some new artists that are unfamous.

I found a couple people on line who are totally not big sellers who are just like the good old days and they are not old.

People should be aware that some extremely gifted people are being shoved aside for some reason to give attention to mediocrity at best.

random hero (user link) says:

I want to be the massiah of music

Hope you guys don’t think iam pretentious or consider myself pretigious because of the title. Any ways I do agree that todays music is the worst its ever been BUT the oldies haven’t been great pieces of art either (even though there way better then modern music). There has always been terrible music in which ever decade or century but not as bad now. As for the radio they never really play good music just what ever margets the most amount of money (there are some station in certain areas that have a half decent play list they run). About the comments on underground music and independent labels there are some bands that belong to these catigories that have semi-statisfying music (rarely very excellent songs by these artists) but there need to be something of a higher rank to save music then current independent musicians. Oh yah did I mention that absolutely despise mainsteam music I exspecially HATE how these current musicians (if want to call them that) lie through their teeth about how passionate, how much the love music. COME ON don’t treat me like an idiot everyone knows there in the music business to make money (I just wish the would get sucked in a black hole). It sad that music became another get rich scheme, became a high class hooker and if you give her enough money she’ll give you what you want – fortune and fame due to the ignorant retards that support these egotistic misognist talentless dumbshits. I leave another message based on modern media (what I mean is I’ll get into further discussion on mainstream media such as reality T.V. – american idol and so on). NOW that i got some of that off my chest I can talk about what I really want. I said in the subject that “I want to be the massiah of music” i guess what I mean is I’ve created 2 new types of music that are like a hybrid all my favourite music genres (I don’t want say the names because I’ve had too many of my ideas stolen from me before) and my lyrics are very diverse (unlike most bullshit lyrics that have no meaning or message) and original with my own style. Also my voice has wide range anywhere from screaming to falsetto and various other types (though I’m no where close to how good I want to be but I’am not going to give up until I reach my goal). My only problem is I can’t find band that takes music as seriously, creatively as I do and I’m have a hard time instrumentally (I can’t get the hang of any of instruments). I do have non-stop song ideas and visions hopefully I’ll find a band and become “the massiah of music” be the one who saved music from the shit pit it fell into and bring knew types of music along with originality, talent and actually play for the joy of music and not the profit……………maybe………………….I wish I wish……………………………………………………I wish

Peter Ross Anderson (user link) says:


Music died a long time ago. There used to be a passion for the business when guys like Spandau Balley and Culture Club ruled the airwaves. Hell, they even played their own instruments and penned thier own songs too.

Some pop groups used drum machines, but there was nothing sinful about it. They were still great to listen to and even now, people would still sing along to the chorus from Karma Chamelion or Take On Me. But you want see me listening to much post-2000 stuff because the passion is no more.

BSolo says:

recording tech is also to blame

If you listen to old rock records, it becomes obviously apparent that the soundboards and recording equipment they used had imperfections of static, preamp overloading, and other abnormalities that created “buzz”, “distortion” and other sonic imperfections. And god, isn’t it great? Being an intern at a modern recording studio that implements both retro and brand new tech, the comparison is stark as day. New tech creates such clarity, its too clear, too impassionate – the imperfections that we found in old music added to the genuineness of the artists that fed our souls. New music, while it might lack that ingenuity and integrity needed for great music, would serve itself well to rethink the tech that it implements. This is mostly the musicians fault! As a band, most of the time you have the option of choosing the studio in which you’d like to record….just some food for thought.

Kentaro Washio says:

They're right, the music sucks. Here's proof:

Just listen to the pop music radio stations nowadays. You won’t hear a full set of new songs like you did in the 80’s and 90’s – instead, they play the same old songs by Moby, Evanesence, and the like that they were playing four years ago. Not just the same artists, mind you, but the VERY SAME SONGS. New bands get very little airplay, and have you noticed how many music retailers are closing down? It’s terrible. These are objective realities, not opinions. Them music industry is in a crisis.

Kamileon says:

Tru Dat

As all various types of corporations get even greedier as the years roll by, it will become more evident to the average lay-person that profits, profits, and more profits are the driving force in production — and not customer satisfaction as may have been the golden rule decades upon decades ago.

When music became a profitable industry that could be effectively marketed, it was done so to the extreme and the average person’s susceptibility and receptiveness to advertisement and marketing was exploited most heinously, as other industries have done (ie., cigarettes, alcohol, automobile, etc., etc.) previously in history and continue to.

Now, when the market becomes saturated, and production for the purpose of profit supercedes quality, you end up with a shit product. It is pretty simple. It is what happened to music and is inevitable, even the health care industry follows the same type of outline.

There are still some good bands out there, of course, but are they good because of talent, or multimillion dollar advertising and marketing schemes. Be honest with yourself and ask yourself once.

Patrick (user link) says:

It's a nightmare

I feel as if every era of music has had shitty bands but you would allways have great rock bands to fall back on (for example), in the 90’s you had those fuckin boy bands but there was allways bands like Stone temple pilots, pearl jam, Nirvana, ext. To fall back on, but nowadays all the bands are shitty and it’s quite depressing and sad. I only pray that some bands begin to irise that play atleast some kind of non electronical piece of shit emo music I fuckin hate it!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: It's a nightmare

“I feel as if every era of music has had shitty bands but you would allways have great rock bands to fall back on (for example), in the 90’s you had those fuckin boy bands but there was allways bands like Stone temple pilots, pearl jam, Nirvana, ext. To fall back on, but nowadays all the bands are shitty and it’s quite depressing and sad. I only pray that some bands begin to irise that play atleast some kind of non electronical piece of shit emo music I fuckin hate it!!!!!!!!!!!”

I totally agree with you there. No prizes to who guesses who you were reffering to in the last sentence *cough* linkin park. Well, there are some bands that still seem to be mainstrean AND good (U2, Green Day, Avenged sevenfold, although radio stations are afraid to play the latter due to being to “risky”).I just hope it gets better, because i love REAL music, and i’m starting a metal/rock band now. We have to be carefull not to become sad posers, though.

Tyler says:

only on the radio

i listen to all form of music. and yes the radio does blow. but, there is shortcoming of musical genius coming out of underground bands that i am sure most people don’t listen to. i mean look at mastodon taking metal to a new level and bands like clutch that kill live by keeping the flame of rock alive. what kills music is the crap pressed out by green day instead of music by bands like unida who can’t even find a label worth a damn.

Sextus says:

Look deeper

There are tons of great tunes out there by truly inspiring
musicians,one just has to dig for them.

Most great music these days languishes with little to no support

from ginormous labels.99% of the big label’s rosters are fodder.

Two of my recent newer faves are Amon Tobin and Four Tet.

These guys are making amazing music.


Mitch says:

95% of music today sucks

zeppelin is my favourate band, I may be only 17 but i know good music when i hear it. And all the good music can be found in the 60s and 70s. And more and more of my generation in australia ( i dont know about the us ) are picking up the classics such as Cream for eg. Very rarley do you get a decent song today. and all the good songs are not mainstream. Look a corby yates and the black keys are good exsamples of modern bands that are prouducing good music.

conclution led zeppelin, cream, pink floyd, jeffeson airplane. are the really good bands. The classics are the best

BigT says:

Yes most music does suck now

Thats why on my zune, consists of like 95% 60’s-mid 90’s music. I have some old school rap songs and 90’s rock from groops like goo goo dolls, smashmouth, etc. I’m 18 and most my age I see, like on myspace, don’t even have older artists listed in their fav. music, only new crap and stuff I never even have heard of.

But here are the bands/musicians I listen to on my zune and radio, ranging from rock to disco to old school rap(it’s a lot but I feel like postin them anyways): Beatles, ACDC, Pink Floyd, The Doors, Jimmi Hendrix, The Zombies, Sugarloaf, Zeppelin, Kiss, Eric Clapton, Peter Frampton, Bob Segar, Blue Oyster Cult, Carlos Santana, Queen, Aerosmith, Alice Cooper, Twisted Sister, Scorpions, Black Sabbath, Guns N Roses, KC and the Sunshine band, Heatwave, Bee Gees, Barry White, Marvin Gaye, Earth Wind and Fire, Dianna Ross, Gloria Gaynor, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Prince, Dire Straits, Rick James, Boyz to Men, R. Kelly, Brian McKnight, Snoop Dogg, MChammer, Beastie Boys, Goo Goo Dolls, Smashmouth, and etc.

Wide range, huh!?!? lol. But it’s all soo great!!! The kids of today and young adults like myself who don’t know who half of the musicians I mentioned, really should learn about them and listen to some of the stuff by them. They are really missing out. But that’s just my opinon. May sound weird to many but whatever, it’s just the way I feel about it.

Good Music Fan says:

My opinion on why today's music sucks

I’m not a musician, but I have questions and opinions.

Did Beatles have good voices?

The pioneers are always at a great advantage over the later comers.

As for today’s music, there is more bad than good. By my opinion the main reasons are:

1. Musical variants, musical note/score variations, musical combinations of sounds (whatever it’s called) have been exhausted in just 50 years.
There not much left to play without getting sued by previous song authors.

2. Today’s musicians have less “soul” or that “special feel” about them. Perhaps because there’s less poverty, they are well fed and visually more fat/overweight.

3. An overweight person can have a good voice, perhaps sing opera, but if the whole or most of the group or ensemble is overwhelmingly overweight and grow goatees (making the 20-30 year olds look like they are 55 year old country singers). To me personally fat people with short hair don’t look good on the scene.
I like the skinny tough-faced long haired guys who jump the scene with good music, not some overweigt sissies with goatees singing pee music that all sounds the same.

4. Celebrity craze is killing the music.

5. SOUL of the PLACE is as important as a SOUL of the MUSICIAN. That “something in the air” that’s missing so often.

6. Everything else (the vacuum) is filled up with C/RAP.

This is my opinion. I may be wrong, but this is how I feel.

Packrat says:


If my analasys of musical history is correct, this seems to happen every generation. A period of commercialized gobbldiegook rules the market for a while then an underground backlash breaks into the main stream for a little while. I am 25 years old, a graduate of F&M college, with an anthropology degree. I am the lead singer in a band in new york city. i was too young to fully experience the grunge scene in its entirety but i was old enough to understand it and listen to the bands. I hope that someday soon that DIY punk rock underground ethic, whatever you wanna call it, comes back to the surface. That is the stuff that movements are made of. It doesnt neccesarily have to be a sound or an emotion. It’s called walking the line, you have to walk the line in order to make your art palatable to an audience, stray too far one way or another and you miss your mark. The most influential artists over the years were not always the most technical musicians, but just really good, really passionate, soulfull, artists, who managed to walk the line. If history serves me correct, every 20 years there is a backlash of some sort against the commercialized hooey that the mainstream puts out. Hopefully we are coming up on that…cuz if it doesnt happen soon, i dont know how much longer i can survive in a world without music.

Judas_Priest_Fan says:


I was born in 1991, and I agree, 95% of modern music DOES suck total a$$. I can only think of 5-7 bands that I like that would be considered “modern”. Bands like Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Dokken, Scorpions, and W.A.S.P…that’s where the good music’s at. But I can’t agree that most of my friends and peers think this. Most of them are mindless drones that listen to complete crap that makes no sense and sounds like it took 5 minutes to record. They don’t know what good music is…I tell my parents everyday that I wish I was born 25 years earlier, because I was born with the wrong generation.

Carman Briscoe says:

Modern Music Sucks

Yes, it does suck. But, maybe it’s because we’ve heard all of the possible combinations’s that are possible. Maybe, we have come to the end of the string. That, perhaps is a little scary. The next step must be a quantum leap. Is rock dead? Is the need to create music dead, or do we need to research all the music that has been produced, but we have’nt heard? I think that we could be a little bit better in learning our past.

Steven Scott (user link) says:

interesting article...

On most points I agree. I grew up in the 80’s (as far as music goes) and, of course, there was crap then but now it seems to have gotten much much worse. Where is the passion…the love for what you do? The lyrics or melodys that give me goosebumps? Every once in a while it does happen…no wait…actually it doesnt. I cant recall when it has in along time, as far as new music goes.
The key element is music is passion, a true love for what you do. I love living in America but frankly we are so money hungry and celebebrity hungry that we have destroyed ourselves, as far as music goes….and it really sucks as I am in the local music scene in New england and I must say I have met and seen some great bands who will never be heard cause they cant afford it.

I hope you all continue to discuss this.

mike nguyen says:

today music does suck

seriously, there will be no other modern music that will be compared to oldies. and to the ppl that like classic rock and say that its all badass and creative and original, i believe u guys. but not a lot of ppl have a say to music before classic rock. what about blues and jazz music huh? without those music, there wouldnt be classic rock. the fact is led zeppelin is one of the most respected band ever. u know why? its because they r influenced by older music, then they use those qualities of jazz and blues with their own stuff to deliver to everyone. and thats how ppl love led zeppelin. so what im saying is that jazz music pave the way for classic rock and that ppl should have a say to jazz music. jazz is better than classic rock. but i would say that classic rock is good quality music too.

whats weird to me is that when i look at modern bands today, they r trying to be like the zeppelins. the drum beats is simular to bonham’s beat. i can tell cause im myself a drummer. and a lot of guitarist own the les paul gibson that looks kinda like jimmy page’s. lol but u know what that has nothing to do with the topic anyways soo… haha yea enough said

Jimmy says:

Recent Music that doesn't suck

Well for starters there very little of it. But just by chance I found a singer from the UK named Jamie Cullum who in my opinion is totally awesome and original. I highly recommend checking into him if you like jazzy piano and soul in your music. Also I think Jack Johnson has a lot of good music to groove to. Counting Crows is good stuff too. Besides that I stick to classic rock mostly. David Gilmoure put out a new album called ON AN ISLAND that is really awesome and mellow, so if your a Pink Floyd fan you have to check it out. But yeah, basically modern music sucks. Sad really

Guitar Player for life ! says:

Today's Music

Music has and always will be subjective. It’s an audible art form or at least some of it still is and whether I personally like something or not, contemporary music is a barometer for the generation it speaks to, and for. This is not a new concept. Unfortunately, music performance is being usurped by feeding audiences with more visual than audible. Peformance art and music are not the same.

All that being said, two things should be very apparent. One, the young generations are very angry. Two, they simply lack a broader influence. In my view, neither aspect is their fault and for the older generations who share their love for music with the younger generations, thank-you. Giving back does wonders.

In some cases, repeating history is good, like with some styles of music, but usually this is translated more by influence rather than direct copy. For those musicians who blatantly copy what has come before, shame on you. What a diservice. Sell-outs !

Music is also just like nature and it has a way of working itself out of a funk, no pun intended, really. It must evolve or devolve but again, influence is paramount to keeping a link to the past. I should add that novelty music will always whore itself out to the unsuspecting public and they will of course eat it up. That is one aspect of music that should in fact, go away. It has such a destructive watering down effect.

Clearly the major record executives are facing an industry-wide nose dive of their own making and real musicians are not to blame. Well, maybe the sell-outs but they have always been around to suck what’s leftover from the spoiled cream, but I digress.

Show’s like American Idhole, however popular, have further entrenched the young consumer into a brainwashed state of mind and the record execs like “Simon Says” will lavishly feed on their ignorance. Lemmings make great consumers. Again, no blame can go to the young generation who is being fed this garbage. They didn’t get to this point all by themselves. Perhaps the national vacumm in public music eduction in our schools should share the blame, but who voted this program out in the first place?

I directly hold accountable the parents who encourage this electronic American Idhole fanstasy but I also know how to pour sand into a rat hole.

For those that do care, slowly expose your children to all kinds of music and don’t force them into or away from any one genre. Once they experience your love for a certain style or for a time period, they too will add it to their naturally progressing music education.

We are very close to a point of no return with good music as as whole so act now !

Anonymous Coward says:

modern music is fake

Oh where to begin, well first off I don’t think it has anything to do with what year that band played or started but rather the music industrys refusal to play any form of music that might make people think or might challenge society. Instead they choose to play mindless pop that is labled as punk,metal or anyother form of antiestablishment music. What i’m trying to say is that most modern day music is synthetic and fake.

Anonymous Coward says:

modern music is fake

Oh where to begin, well first off I don’t think it has anything to do with what year that band played or started but rather the music industrys refusal to play any form of music that might make people think or might challenge society. Instead they choose to play mindless pop that is labled as punk,metal or anyother form of antiestablishment music. What i’m trying to say is that most modern day music is synthetic and fake.

Anonymous Coward says:

modern music is fake

Oh where to begin, well first off I don’t think it has anything to do with what year that band played or started but rather the music industrys refusal to play any form of music that might make people think or might challenge society. Instead they choose to play mindless pop that is labled as punk,metal or anyother form of antiestablishment music. What i’m trying to say is that most modern day music is synthetic and fake. Also My Chemical Romance sucks balls.

FocS says:

Modern music is horrible and here is the reason wh

Its actually really simple as to why the quility of music has decayed over the years, record companies using marketing stratagies that relate to the youth, music is used to sell products and vice versa. For example rap groups can rap about a certain sneaker and when it hits the mainstream media, kids want the sneakers and they listen to the music because it is now wideley accepted as cool. Another example is the razr phone, the phone become trendy and along with it the song. Now because such horrible songs become mainstream, there is less effort in music productiton thus resulting in mediocre music that becomes wideley accepted. There is no room for “wierd” and unique music becuase the music industry is dominated by sales and what is sold becomes the standard for the generation. That is why any joe and bob thats been in a movie or whatever, releases an album to make money, with no effort. Because artists feel that they dont need to put much effort into it, the quility of music falls. there are a few great artists now but only a handful. There was alot of crappy music from the 60s-90s but there was 10 good songs for every crappy one. Now there are 20 crappy songs and one good one. All genres including rap were far better decades ago. And that is why I Believe the music of today blows except for a few exceptions.

Brazilian Bastard says:

Man youre 100% Right,but you all in America,you Americans,MUST stop this 2000´s today pop “Crapmusic” that spreads around the world like a desease,a modern desease.During The 50´s 60´s 70´s 80´s and even 90´s(gosh,lotsa a “´s”signals),rap,rock,pop,dance,reggae,all of this styles INCLUDES MUSICAL LINES INSIDE.Today what we have?FAKE hip hop,FAKE rock,FAKE alternative,FAKE AND FAKE again.THE MAIN Guilty:RECORD COMPANIES,and TODAY S RECORD EXECUTIVES and”Producers”,stop this people,Boicott today s “artists”,send them to a real hell,and after that bring some musical specialists to work again,i think record companies today are selling more with DRUG TRAFFIC than selling records.You All in America that enjoys Good Music,does not matter the style,get the power to create Organizations and kick very deep the fashionist s executives asses.

hahahaha..your all nimrods says:

shut up and find it...your arguements are all piti

the black keys, white stripes,kings of leon, libertines, babyshambles,muse,pinback,elliot smith, iron and wine,the decemberist, the strokes,, secret machines,atmosphere, the shins,spoon, nic armstrong, irving,ween,ben kweller, charlie parr..look them up..anyone of these groups can compete with your so called classic music from the past generations…By the way most of your bands from the 60’s and early 70’s rockers were strongly influenced by artists like howlin wolf, blind lemon jefferson,robert johnson ect. hell zeppelin(although great musicians) got in trouble for copy right infringement on more than one song..thats how music goes. by the way U2, eagles,bob segar, bruce springsteen sucks balls ..To say that music today sucks is ignorant…so they played better music on the radio in the past big f!@#in deal…today because of clearchannel good music isnt just handed to you, you have to find it..boy that real difficult cuz i bet half you cant use the internet.. bitch and wine about the past it aint comin back and never will, move on..nobody gives a shit about your hippie peace movements,your womens rights..the summer of love never existed its all bullshit. You are all the cause of what wrong with the world..if the music sucks make your own thats better and more inventive.

Passion For Music says:

Re: shut up and find it...your arguements are all

I was born in 1951 and have been a fan and an active participant in music for approximately 45 years. My mp3 collection is 14,000 strong totaling around 80GB. My 22 year old daughter?s mp3 library pales in comparison to mine because I listen to a wide variety of genres and her music vocabulary is just beginning to develop. My library includes such diverse artists as Igor Stravisnky, Frederic Chopin, Richard Wagner, Claude Debussy, Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Louis Armstrong, Django Rheinhardt, Charlie Christian, Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, Motown (way too many artists to name), Beatles, Beach Boys, Jan & Dean, Led Zeppelin, Cream, Jimi Hendrix, Queen, Yes, Genesis, King Crimson, Kansas, Styx, Earth, Wind & Fire, Parliament-Funkadelic, Chick Corea, John McLaughlin?s Mahavishnu Orchestra, George Duke, Frank Zappa, Weather Report, Red-Hot Chili Peppers, The Tubes, Van Halen, and many other artists that you?ve probably never heard of.

The one thing that all of these genres have in common is that each one is built on the same twelve note system. The frustration for today?s artists lies in the fact that they are forced to attempt to shock their fans either visually or with a barrage of explicit lyrics because all of the ideas surrounding that twelve note system were used up years ago. These two items are no longer shocking, they are simply annoying. MTV, a somewhat novel idea at first, slowly shifted the audience?s focus from the music to manufactured imagery and creativity has been on the decline ever since.

Every generation has had its share of awful music, whether they want to admit it or not. Bad music transcends generations but today?s music industry seems to be overrun with individuals who have never studied the craft, yet have managed to jump on the money making bandwagon. I have no desire to return to the past so that I can turn on my radio and listen to ?These Boots Are Made for Walking? by Nancy Sinatra. (ONE OF THE WORST SONGS EVER RECORDED)???If not for her famous father?s name, that record never would have seen the light of day.

In closing, I?d like to say that I don?t know many people my age that can?t use the internet because members of the so-called ?summer of love? generation were around during the ARPANET project in 1969. That project laid the groundwork for the development of TCP/IP and eventually the internet as we know it today. I am more than capable of utilizing all that the web has to offer but I?m not going to spend hours and hours searching it?s hidden corners, working my way through all of the awful music that?s out there to seek out the few bands (and they do exist) that can really play. It will be very interesting when this same conversation is taking place in the year 2047 when your generation is attempting to defend today?s ?music? against whatever art form carries that title then.


guitarzan says:

the genre has shot its wad...

the state of music these days really is depressing. i have extraordinarily eclectic taste in music. always have (i inherited that trait from my mom). i genuninely LOVE a lot of tunes from ALMOST every genre (i’m not crazy about opera. but i can “appreciate” that one really famous song that enrico caruso sang; and one or two tunes from carmen).

i really don’t think my age has a whole lot to do with it. even when i was a teenager – with all the peer pressure to like only what your peers told you to like – if i heard a new tune, it didn’t matter what era it came from or how old the artist was; or what race they were; or what sex they were; or what their political stance was; if it was a good tune, and it appealed to me, i was hooked.

i always have an open mind to new music. i WANT to like new music. there are bands and songwriters who – “on paper” – i should like. bands i WANT to like. i mean, i read their interviews and reviews in the music press. and as i read, i think, “hmmmm, they sound interesting…they say they’re influenced by some of my favorite bands and songwriters”. but then when i actually hear them, i am invariably disappointed at how mediocre, tuneless and unmusical they actually sound.

one theory that i have about why most current bands and songwriters are so mediocre, is because song-craftmanship is not “The Thing” anymore. it seems like, the most important thing for most artists these days is lyrics. NOT interesting melodies; not interesting rhythms; NOT interesting sounds; NOT the tension and release that effects you on a subtle, almost magical level; NOT the harmonies that make the song sound pleasing to the ear.

i’m not saying that lyrics shouldn’t be important. i’m saying that it seems like artists these days aren’t that interested in crafting INSPIRED, interesting songs that are musically interesting to listen to; it sounds like they are more interested in singing very wordy and self-indulgent lyrics because they mistake “being creative” with “having something to say”. the music just seems to be there simply as coincidental, tertiary, generic accompaniment to the lyrics.

as much as we all hate to admit it, its looking like we have to face up to the fact that “rock ‘n roll” as a genre (including pop, indy, alternative, metal, rap, r&b, electronica, etc.) has shot its wad. in the same way that opera, classical, jazz
and blues have shot their wads. the days when classical composers were coming up with fresh, exciting musical ideas is past. it is rare to find an artist in classical (or opera or blues or jazz) that is coming up with never-before-heard-of, ground-breaking ideas. that’s because the genre has matured to the point where anything that anybody does now will invariably sound like something that has already been done before (and done much, much better). likewise rock/pop stuff written now just sounds like its going over the same old hackneyed ground (but with different, more wordy lyrics). “rock n roll” is in a similar stage of life as classical or opera or blues or jazz. (again, i include pop, r&b, metal, rap, indy, techno, whatever, in the same general category of “rock ‘n roll”)

Steve says:

I COMPLETELY AGREE WITH THIS ARTICLE. Music these days just really doesnt have the same stuff. When you look back to all the artists in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and early 90’s, it was much better. They incorporated real life events and good quality into awesome music. Today’s music is filled with sex, drug abuse, swearing, retarded lyrics, screaming, violence, and off beats. There is screamo, where all they do is blast music and scream and grunt into a microfone. I cannot stand that stuff at all. Then there is rap,the second most retarded type of music. Most people only like it because their friends like it. Anybody can talk about chicks and drugs in their songs and rhyme that last words, that is what MOST of rap is. Its ridiculous. They have NO TALENT. And then there is alternative rock. Bands who sing alternative rock try too hard to impress chicks, alot of it sounds the same, and all they talk about in their songs is girls and really stupid stuff. Classic rock is the way to go. I do not care who you are, i am not going to respect your opinion on this one. Bands such as The Beatles, Tom Petty, Bob Seger, The Who, The Rolling Stones, Billy Joel, Eric Clapton, Bruce Springsteen, John Mellencamp, Bob Dylan…they all deserve to be heroes of music. Their songs mean something and actually sounds good. That is why they are all in the Rock “n” roll hall of fame and all ranked under the top 100 music artists of all time….because they are GOOD.

Dallas says:

Re: Re:new bands arent all bad

what about hair metal? I agree with you on all the other artists you named and in the late 90s music really started to die. But there are exceptions with bands today and im not talking about those stupid emo bands or those other no talent artists you mentioned. But there are bands (mostly underground or unheard of) that are actually good. They are not played on the radio and that is probably why you dont know about them. I know with the band trivium, though they did used to scream(but on the new album they do not) they are actually very musically talented and on their new cd especially their lyrics are about politics,violence, etc. Now they are not for everyone, just like a lot of bands. But my point is that if you look you will find something good out there today.

….I recommend a band named preachers gun who are underground at the moment. video can be found on youtube under preachersgun……..

Gabe Mambo says:

We're to blame too

It’s our fault that it has come to this. Who do you think buys this bullshit? We do. We do and kill off the music industry because of it. We want to say that music is just different, but it isn’t. It’s alright for music to advance, but it can’t just suck. As music fans, we suck too. We listen for a good beat, but then we forget that the whole point of music is to listen to the words. Dammit, we can’t just like a song with a good beat. It shows lazy, bad taste, and we need to stop listening to it.

miss jackson.im am for real says:

babyshambles is for depressed queers,babyshambles fans and indie pop queers,please!shot yourselves like kurt cobain, and get out of music, babyshambles fans feel pain in their asses with emo-roids,thats it,i hope a lots of a gangsta real niggers shot these bastards with a million bullets..


ryan says:

modern music blows

do you want to know how we have had great bands in the past, in the “oldie” days? The kids, like me, decided they wanted to play music to their liking, that fit them, and took what they knew- their oldies and molded it into something they enjoyed. Eventually when enough kids did this we had the great music of the 60’s through the 90’s. the same will go for today. if enough people play the music and get off their asses and stop complaining, groups will start breaking through with new sounds. to all of the older generation on this site, you have your oldies, listen to them. to all the young kids like me on this site, get off your ass and make your music. complaining never does anything, you have to change individually to change en masse

Leo Sayer says:

today s music still sucks

Ryan,you is just a queer!get out if your “modern”(gayish)music concepts(in the past,the”non straight”people like freddie mercury or elton john are musicians,now,what we have?punky indie poop heads),burn in hell your fucking fake alternative dumbasses,like a sad before,shoot yourselves like kurt cobain did(i think he is the main responsible togheter with “executives”(drug traffickers)for today s”music” sucks preety much.MTV=pop fascism,rap=c-rap,britney spears=more crap,eminem=vanilla ice,how to start to kill these people?

MTV demolition Night says:

Lets Do it

We need to protest againist all this pop shit made by mtv lets go to make a hip hop demolition night,punkpoop sucks,hip hop sucks,mtv sucks
lets scream lout

Chris says:

It's true

Kids have a choice between listening to modern popular music or the music that their parents listened to and they are choosing the latter. Now why would kids listen to old music if the new popular music was better or at least on par with the old music?

Mainstream music has been garbage since the mid 90s when Korn and Limp Bizkit demonstrated that you don’t need talent to become a multi-millionaire in the music business. All you need is a gimmick. Every mainstream type of music nowadays is based on image. Possibly the most extreme example is “gangsta” rap, in which you cannot get a record deal unless you have a criminal record. All pop music talks about is sex and failed relationships. Emo is the most retarded thing I’ve ever seen. And modern mainstream rock consists of watered-down, talentless, boring, stand-for-nothing bands with no balls like Nickelback and 3 Doors Down. And crappy retro bands like Jet.

The only good bands nowadays are underground metal and indie bands. Everything else is targeted at brainless idiots.

Anonymous Coward says:


GOD why would anyone with an Internet connection say “Today’s music sucks”? Go to allmusic.com , try Last.fm , use google for the love of god.

Yes, the radio and MTV don’t know jack about what the people want, and people are slowly abandoning them because of it.

also, anyone who says that they hate all (ALL) mainstream music, is just trying to be cool.

Hating a band because of their image, or hating a band because of there childish fanbase, are NOT GOOD REASONS TO HATE A BAND.

The only right way to properly judge music, is by listening to a lot of music, and comparing quality.

Richard Simmons says:

Freeze!Anonymous Coward!

Ok,Lets Make a”Internet crappy music Demolition Night”(or day,if you are in japan),and NO,WERE NOT TRYING TO BE COOL,WE HAVE GOOD MUSICAL TASTE!!:

Nick says:

we know

I can say with extreme confidence that today it takes very little talent to become popular in the music industry. This new generation of shit music has come to be because of the birth of what is known as the “LG”. For those of you who don’t know, an LG, by definition, is: Little 14 and 15 year old girls who go to college parties to look cool, steal alcohol and get sex from as many guys as possible. Now these girls didn’t know it at the time. But they spawned an entire era of shitty artists. For example: Rhianna, Pussycat Dolls, etc… By supporting these untalented peices of shit, they have left the billboards full of forgetable songs. Some people don’t know where the music has gone. well I can tell you. It’s in the hearts of men and women with instruments in their hands. I’m a listener of all music. Some genres of music are still going strong like rap and hip hop. Other genres like rock and roll are starting to fade away. Sure the big bands from way back when are still touring, but for how long? Eventually, they will need to be replaced. I hope I can contribute. Peace.

revanger (user link) says:

Indie sucks

Lets try to kick some dirty asses here
you are a just a Indie Queer,anonymous coward,
typical of indie/emo turds,if everybody that is reading
it are tired of the”homossexualization”of “rock”today
lets start a war,one here right now,if you see a emo
or indie or another mtv spawn on street,kick his ass
or kill him with a gun,period.Its time to change this game
now its the time,lets unite our forces to stop this
assholes,cause they deserve it and are begging for it.
no place for this suckers anymore,its time to fight for
real.We Will Never forgive this people in generations,and when they will get older,they will known as the main guilt for XXI century s music idiotisczism.so Kill them all


Musicians that have left a mark

The Beatles, The rolling Stones, The Doors, The Who, Fleetwood Mac, Bob Dylan, The Clash, Cat Stevens, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Lynard Skynard, Elton John, Stevie Wonder, Jimi Hendrix and the list would go on

pretty much anything made in the 00’s is unoriginal,and a complete sell-out, the artists are used to portray an image by the record companies to brainwash all the tweenies who look for a role model in the impressionable lives.


Musicians that have left a mark

The Beatles, The rolling Stones, The Doors, The Who, Fleetwood Mac, Bob Dylan, The Clash, Cat Stevens, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Lynard Skynard, Elton John, Stevie Wonder, Jimi Hendrix and the list would go on

pretty much anything made in the 00’s is unoriginal,and a complete sell-out, the artists are used to portray an image by the record companies to brainwash all the tweenies who look for a role model in the impressionable lives.

Destroy record companies says:

Kick executives s asses

Dont Forget to kick,hit with a baseball bat,all the
so called music industry executives and owners.ThEse
Assholes are the guilt,they must pay,i cursed them for
ever,we need a record companies demolition night,Death
to Sony,warner,Universal,Sub Pop,EMI,all this shit
boycott,sabotage&attack!!thats the key..


I probably dont think like you but we're fighting

We need a new scene, President Bush polluting us with his emo-licious ways and his dried up ridiculous gangsta rap. I think music is the way it is because of the state of mind people are in, call it post 9/11, war in iraq, shit-fest, proud to be an Amerikkkan, everyone is wrong on the interwebs, why is everything the god damn same,”time” if you will. It just things needs to change in order for music to change and actually expose the phonies for who they are and be ridiculed for it, kinda what happened to hair bands of the 80’s and boy bands of the 90’s for example. And really MAINSTREAM is and always will be a Market for untalented hacks and actual artists that deserve it. Music is a matter of opinion but EVEN A DEAD BRAIN SHIT HEAD CAN SPOT PHONY CON-ARTISTS with they’re fake everything. And why does MTV even stand for MUSIC TELEVISION, more like REALITY TELEVISION, and even that’s fake. FUCK IT WITH A STICK……………………..soon is all i can say, I mean music changes all the time right?

Kristen says:

My Opinion About Music

I definitely agree that music nowadays sucks! I’m only 15 and I listen to all oldies especially from the ’60s and ’70s. Music isn’t about qualitity anymore. The music industry nowadays only cares about who is going to make the best profit for them and don’t give a rat’s ass if they can sing or not. Image is such a worshipped thing in today’s society. If you’re a good-looking, young guy or girl then you’ll be a singer even if you don’t have any talent. Everything is about someone’s outward appearance in today’s society. And then people can’t understand why there is so much violence but yet the media promotes kids to listen to this rap crap and emo screamo shit where all they talk about is sex, drugs, violence, rape, murder, etc. Most kids I talk to in my highschool don’t like rap and emo music. I’m a girl and I am offended by how women are viewed as like we’re a piece of meat in a pair of jeans. Music shouldn’t be about looks. If that’s the case sign all these attractive wannabe singers up for modeling because music is the about the quality of a voice, not someone’s outward appearance. So bring back the legends like Billy Joel, Queen, Aerosmith, ABBA, REO Speedwagon, Bryan Adams, Tommy James and the Shondells, and all the other great oldies bands!!!! Peace out – Kristen from Ohio

Kyndal says:

Im 15 also and i totally agree. I only listen to a select few songs that are “top hits”. 50’s – 90’s was good. Rap is terrible and artists like soulja boy,chris brown, miley cyrus, panic at the disco, fall out boy, flo rida, and the jonas brothers. are just bad. I;m not saying its all bad, i like rihanna, colbie calliat & nickelback are good. But older music is soo much better. 60’s classic rock like led zeppelin and pink floyd, 70’s soft rock like 3 dog night and the eagles, 80’s pop and hair bands like genesis, journey, motley crue and bon jovi and 90’s alternative rock like red hot chili peppers, sublime, & blink-182. I love it all. It sucks that other kids my age, only like what they hear on the radio or see on tv. theyre so influenced by the media. It makes me sick, after 2 weeks theyre favorite song is old and sucks.

nick says:

todays rock music

I have noticed every song sounding the same. Every song that is NOT a rap song has the “singer” WHINING the lyrics. So, it is either fast rap, or slow whining. Alicia Keys is a very good piano player, but I give her an F- on her voice. What ever happened to actual singing? That is one problem in today’s music…

Jeze says:

Todays Music

I don’t agree with you whatsoever. First of today’s music is totally different than back then. Both generations of music have great artists with musical talent. But most of today’s music that is mainstream sucks. Its al played out with no real content or meaning and is just plain shallow.
Its all imitation of other artists and if you really listen to the lyrics, you’ll see that most people just like the beat{because its so great:( }.Man,even the shows about searching for female and male singers or the best bands sucks. Almost all of mainstream music that is on tv, radio, movie soundtracks,and more is pure garbage. They are just songs purely for ringtones,and club songs to dance to. Music used to much more than that.Also I don’t know what rappers you hear or listen to somewhat. But rap music is an art form just like rock,gospel, pop, r&b, country, opera, reggaeton, reggae and more. You’re just probably hearing or listening to the mainstream rap which I agree with a lot of people is pure garbage with the exception of a few.

Jeze says:

Americans are losers

I agree with you 99%, with the exception about American being losers, I myself am American. I am a 14 year old black female who loves rap and rock(much more also). I see how music is being destroyed, little kids dancing to soulja boy, white boys and black boys tryna be gansta, and girls exposing themselves thinking its cute(not) all because of this crap. I also agree with you on Linkin Park. An ol’ friend of mine told me about them in the elem. school. Although I didn’t catch on for a while I began to fall in love with the group a few months later. I know people who will know their songs like “numb, faint,in the end” and a few more and thats it. If your a true fan of music you know more than the songs on the radio and music chanels or any that’s just popular.Whether you buy the albums or not you should no more than the 3 or 4 songs. BUT what scares and annoys me at the same time,is that so may of my friends are oblivious to this.Some of them actually think Lil Wayne is the best rappper(not),T-pain is a lyrical and music genius(HELLnot), Ne-Yo and Chris Brown are the best r&b artists(not), Fallout Boy is awesome(not).Mariah Carey is the hotter than ever(not, was before THOUGH). Nas and others said it themselves, Hip-Hop is dead. But its all music thats dead NOW.

deven says:

We're to blame too (partly)

it’s true people like to listen to the beat. ive found reasons for this and i may be right or wrong but it’s because of this insatiable thirst for RAP/HIPHOP. where the “musick” is defined by the style of beat, mainly drum…wait, ALWAYS drum. now everybody thinks a catchy beat will get you a guarunteed % of listeners, whether black, white or green. it’s cross-ethnic blending and its fuckin sickening.

lyrics are not always what makes a good song, beethoven for expample? bach? zeppelin’s stairway to heaven where the lyrics make almost no sense but MATCH THE FEEL OF THE INSTRUMENTS.


deven says:

music industries hurt

I read this entire page, the fuck is wrong with me? anyways man i wanna let everyone know MAINSTREAM music(not all new music) SUCKS a fat one. im 21 yrs old and am so sure music will change but goddamn this is such a grim period for impressionable music. its consumerism at its finest and crap music at its peak(i hope so). when will this shit end man?
I’m not gonna type in all the fuckin bands i listen to like a medal of honor cause theres not enough time in the day. lets just say my highlights are beethoven, metallica, and everley brothers haha 😀
Every one of you have made a damn good point: society is all about your fuckin image! AH!!!!!. i swear these fuckin pixelated black letters in forms of words do not even come close to the feelings i have for society and these fuckin drones walking around like they are the baddest fuckin speck of shit ever washed ashore from a shit ship. the fuck is with these egotistical people? they are so goddamn wrapped up in themselves (americans, and yes i am american) and its goddamn worthy of a fat slap in our fat fuck nations face for all i care. i love this country but please, clean out your polluted, diluted, watered down, screaming, whiny, gangster wannabe, bling bling cha ching, limited power chord playin ASS and let the real talent get the spotlight you fuckin pricks!


…there was actually a headline on the news that shocked me like a fuckin’ light socket. the top story of that time was, yes get ready…”Is Britney Spears one of the Top American Cultural Icons”




i dont even want to get started on “NEWS” and them mainstream, money hungry, cock suckers.

save music people, i am willing to storm center field next superbowl, and burn emo cd’s and take a shit on every last one of them with you!

please contact me if you wanna discuss or vent/share ideas or philosophy 😀

Prunella says:

There still is a lot of good music today

There is still plenty of great music being made today. It may not be found on Radio or TV, but you can find a lot of non-generic music on the internet to try out.

Radio and TV music is for kids, so grow up and move on to a different venue. You did it with Sesame Street and other kiddie shows you use to watch when you were young and don’t watch anymore, so the same thing applies to where you use to get your music from, move on and come out of your state of arrested development where music is concerned.




Mike Bane says:

I have to agree that today’s music sucks.

And music execs have been pointing the finger at P2P downloads, but the truth is that today’s music is really bad.

Don’t believe me? name me one great song in the last 8 years? Quick!!! See..I can’t name one that fast.

Music in the late 60’s was good. In the 70’s it was really good, and the 80’s, guess it depends how much you liked 70’s music, but there were a lot of great albums and bands in the 80’s. So much so that bands back than would sell out stadiums in a couple of hours. Name one band today that can do that? Not to mention that everyone knows music from those past decades. That alone is testament to how good was. And it still plays on the radio constantly. Why is that?

Than the 90’s came along and the music industry never seemed to recover from the grundge movement. In the mid 90’s there were bands like Oasis, The Cranberries, and Radiohead that tried to revive the industry but record execs only cared about the likes of Britney and teen pop “sensations” and completely forgot about music altogether.

And when music sales started declining, instead of blaming themselves for their incompetence in finding talent, they pointed the finger at the internet and P2P.

The truth is people have stopped buying albums because every album these days only has 1 or 2 decent songs which by the way, get forgotten in a matter of months. When was the last time anyone bought an album and said “man, this is destined to be a classic”?

Why pay $15.00 for one decent song when that song can be easily downloaded?

Even my 16 year old brother has a hard time finding good music these days. A quick look in his ipod and I can see a large collection of 80’s music, some late 70’s and a bit from the 90’s but not much from this past decade. And looking at his cds, I can see a AC/DC, Scorpion, Oasis, U2…but nothing recent.

haz says:

The mainstream is constantly scraping up the same old formulas for music production and forcing crap down peoples throats, almost everything in popular music is derivative and unoriginal. It has gotten to a point people who normally don’t concern themselves which such thoughts are noticing it.

There are artists on the fringe of the mainstream, independent and underground acts who are pushing the boundaries of great music. Granted, most of these will not appeal to your casual mainstream radio listener but since creating a great song with pop hooks has been done to death its no wonder most stuff today is shite.

Anonymous Coward says:


I think you guys don’t mean music sucks today, I think you mean it’s just all the same.

Examples – Back in the 80’s, you had tons of different genres of music
• Rock
• Rap
• Funk
• Disco
• Jazz
• Hair Metal
• Punk
• (My fav) New Wave
And tons of different styles that I don’t have the time to name. The problem is one day, some idiot at MTV heard a specific kind of music, (Rap) and said “I like that, let’s just play that on our channel.” Thing is, the station isn’t called RTV, and with the industry shoving it down our throats. People now really don’t watch MTV, but back then, when rap took over, people still watched because of its goodness years back, and stil, lets say, trusted it. Well, you had these nine-year-olds and ten-year-olds watching MTV, and if you listen to anything enough, you’ll start to love it, no matter how much you originally hated it. (Which is how I got my friends to like it…. Ahahaha I’m so evil lolz) Okay so, the kids liked what they saw and, (Suprise!) tried to copy it. The real problem is since they all tried to copy it, you have 500,000 copies of the same song sung by different people. Don’t get me wrong, there IS good music out there, it’s just hiding in the shadows. BTW, I’m thirteen.

P.S – To the dude who said Americans suck:
Wanna get a brain cuz apparently you don’t have one… you’re just a stereotypical jerk who blames all of his problems on the government. Get a life and stop whining on the Internet. If you want to make a difference then get off the computer.

Will says:

Modern Music CAN be good.

This is an interesting debate, and I can see that there is a degree of hostility towards modern music as a whole. As with everything, though, you should avoid using absolutes. To suggest that ALL modern music “sucks” is facile, and suggests a lack of knowledge and of experience from the person who declares it. On the other hand, there is a definite argument that much of it re-hashed, reconstituted rubbish, which would not see the light of day if the music industry were driven by talent and not money.

Examples of this recycled culture abound. Samuel Barber’s Adagio for strings is a classic that we’ve probably all heard and can relate to. Some might say it’s overplayed, but regardless it’s one of the greats. What happens in today’s music industry is that people like DJ Tiesto and similar “artists” remix their work. This is fine when used in clubs for something to rave to, but the problem comes when it is put forward as art in it’s own right and we’re expected to listen to it in our homes, where there’s no trippy lighting or ecstasy, and we realise that the music itself is poor at best. Meanwhile, so much money has already been made out of this music in its original setting, that this is the music the radio stations and music channels push. As far as the statistics are concerned this is the music the people want, so this is what the people are given. People are becoming so naturalised to this process that it has become seemingly unstoppable.

R’n’B and Metal are two other examples, showing a different way in which music has become watered down. In both these genres there seems to have been a decline in originality, not necessarily bands copying songs but reducing them down to only the parts that were widely popular and thus coming out with repetetive sounding, moronic rubbish. When I listen to the likes of Evanescence and Usher today – mainstream examples of each of the aforementioned genres – or at least this is what we’re told they are, I hear the basics of rhythms and melodies that made bands like Pantera famous, but without any of the personality that made them great.

But never fear, the end is NOT nigh! There are plenty of great bands out there! Being a fan of the metal scene myself I can assure you that the metal world in particular is cooking up a storm. With bands such as Wintersun and Children of Bodom pushing the technical limits of the guitar further than ever before (hear Jari Maenpaa’s solo on Death and the Healing by Wintersun for examples, just search for Wintersun on myspace music), we also see other bands showing increasing maturity. Opeth is one band that pushes the boundaries of their genre beyond what is normally expected, and their deeply disturbing lyrics and melodies will send a shiver through any spine with a few nerves left in it after the 90s. The digital age has allowed such bands more exposure than they would have ever seen in the so-called “glory years” of music back in the 60s. When Death Metal originally came out in the 80s it was regarded with contempt from much of the music industry, and was an underground movement from start to finish. Now, in the 00s it is making a recovery, extreme metal is surfacing in a much more aggressive guise, and it is beginning to be regarded with respect. You have all been calling for a new genre to emerge, and this may well be it. You will probably find you don’t like it if you are of the previous generation. But your parents didn’t like your music either.

So there we have it. Modern music can be good, actually. I have focused on the metal scene because that is what I know in depth, but be assured there are similar movements within all the varied sections of music. If you are determined to focus on the mainstream and mediocre so be it, but YOU will be the ones missing out. You tell my generation that we are missing out on your over-hyped, over-played golden oldies, but I say it is you who are missing out, by your stubborn refusal to research anything new which you do not understand beyond surface level. There is a world of amazing new music out there, if only you would try and find it. But I speak futility. You will continue to listen to the same bands from the 60s and 70s over and over again. You hair will turn greyer and the world will continue to turn. No matter. I’m gonna keep listening to modern music whether you like it or not.

NB: I’m 18. If you see this as an excuse to call me an idiot, or say I don’t know shit, feel free, but be warned; you’ll look like a cretin.

Rob says:

It's not metal or rock

I love Rock ‘n Roll from the 60s up to now, Pink Floyd, NIN, GnR, Pantera(favorite), Metallica, Ozzy, Static X, Ministry just to name a few of my favorites, and I say that much of what is called Rock ‘n Roll now days is not really Rock ‘n Roll or metal since metal is a version of Rock ‘n Roll. Rock ‘n Roll defined: “a style of popular music that derives in part from blues and folk music and is marked by a heavily accented beat and a simple, repetitive phrase structure.”

The main part of this definition that sticks out to me is “repetitive phrase structure” meaning a set of guitar, or other instrument, licks that repeat to make a rhythm. Much of the so called “metal” that is on the radio right now is defined by 5 to 10 second chords and lyrics that choke out the rest of the instruments which does nothing for me.

I don’t mind long chords but to make a whole song out of them makes for a very dull song to me. I like a well defined beat with short strong notes that make an original pattern. I don’t know about independent metal since I am just starting to look for it but as far as the so called “metal” on the radio, I’m actually disgusted.

The other thing that really turns me off is when the singer is louder than the rest of the band, which actually would be OK, but much of the time it is constant, not allowing the band to come through. If I wanted to hear this, I would record American Idol and watch that over and over again.

Considering all of this, I really don’t mind it if this is the way music is going, but don’t call it something that it isn’t. This is not rock or metal and unfortunately there are no bands that want to stick out and get really good at it, so you have dozens upon dozens of bands that sound the same and don’t do it any better that the rest.

That is my view.

Joe Schmoe says:

Rob,You Suck,and "Alternative"too

“Alternative”?dont make me laugh,
this is the brand new scuse to POP sucks so much
NIN,Korn,Ministry,Static X?do you think this POP SHIT is rock?Rock is not Dead,Metal is not Dead,YOU and all
Fashionists are Dead,you are Living-Dead MTV lovers.
Marlyn Manson=POP.
and of course HIP HOP SUCKS AT ALL TOGETHER WITH THIS POP SHIT.Stop to call Real bands like Beatles or Led Zeppelin”classic”,old is your mothers,fashionists.Thats the difference between music that are for decades and today s one hit wonders.

Yeah Right... (user link) says:

I want to be the massiah of music

“I want to be the messiah of music”… but… “I can’t get the hang of any of instruments”

!!!! Are you F#king kidding me??? You can’t even spell messiah you idjit!!

This my friends is why we have a problem today. A lot of kids are too damn lazy to take the time and effort it takes to learn, understand and play music. Too many think that if they can yodel/mumble/pigsqueal(omg!)… along to their favorite MP3 – then they are the next music messiah!! Jeezus!!! Thanks much you stupid juveniles for killing a wonderful art!

For those that are serious about music – take a look at the fine arts… if you can hang, then more power to ya! If you can’t, quit calling yourselves musicians. Hell, even the Beatles knew a thing or two about string quartets.

N8 C says:

Modern music (and even movies) suck because of one simple reason. They are both depressing! There is no beat, no rhythm, no soul to music anymore. It just doesn’t inspire like previous generation music does. The mood is bleak and sad in most songs… it just sucks! Why would you want to depress yourself listening to music? The entire point of music should be to make yourself happy and/or relaxed.

Case in point, listen to Let’s Groove by Earth Wind and Fire. This song is quality… composed with a lot of soul and happiness. Something modern artists are simply blind to.

HOWEVER, there is hope! There is one genre/segment of the music industry that remains to be good, if not improving over time. That genre is chill-out/house/ambient. A lot of songs in this genre are well made and always seem to make me feel good, not unhappy. Check it out!

Ash says:

Step 1, get a shotgun. Step 2. blow glorious holes in your radio until it spews sparks and lets off a slight hissing sound.

Step 3, realize you are never going to find any kind of decent music on that shit-box known as a radio. There are hundreds of good bands around still releasing albums to this day that do not in the least bit suck.

Hit up your search engine, start browsing some music forums for your prefered genre, seek and you shall find.

Some Americans are losers says:

Americans are losers

Ehh, while i AM american. I do agree that people need to actual listen to music they LIKE. Not music that they want to listen to just because they think it makes them cool.

Even in my music, i dont want to listen to the most popular songs out of my album because its played everywhere and is annoying to listen to. There are more than one good song a band can produce and people need to listen to more than one song on a band.

I look at people’s Ipods and I sometimes see only a couple songs made by good bands, whilst elsewhere, there are 20 songs made by popular bands.

Expand your minds people to other songs people. Sheesh.

Cole Kane says:

Any Performer That Ever Sells A Product On Television Is For Now And All Eternity Removed From The Artistic World!”…BILL HICKS
And Now Me In A Tiny Nutshell. I Am A 35 Year Old Musician, And Have Been A Disc Jockey For 15 Years. I Love Music, But I Am Very Unsatisfied With The Level Of Quality The Music Industry Has Turned Out Over The Past Decade. Annoying Midi Rythms Have Replaced Skillfull Drummers, In Many Genres. Instruments Are Phased Out And Replaced With Looped Backing Vocals That Can Only Be Produced In A Studio. I Am “Anti-American Idol” I Think The Last Thing The World Needs Is Another Sappy Pop Singer. I Have Noticed That Music Is No Longer Timeless, But Disposable. It’s Good For The Couple Of Weeks It’s On The Charts, Everybody Grooves To It, Then They Are Embarrased To Say They Listened To It Once It’s Not “COOL” Anymore. Making Disposable Music May Be The Industries Way Of Getting Back At A The World For Piracy, I Think It Only Encourages It. Make A Product Worth Buying And People Will Buy It!!! I Like Real People Who Aren’t Afraid To Listen To Music Outside Current Billboard Or At Least Respect The Songs Of The Founding Fathers Of Popular Music. In This “Reality TV” Generation, The Industry Have Discovered (Or Assume) One Thing…People Are Mindless Idiots That Will Eat Whatever You Throw At Them! Don’t Settle For Table Scraps!!! Raise The Bar For The Industry. A Hit Song Doesn’t Equal A Great Song!!! Decide What’s Cool For You, Not What They Say Is Cool For You!

And Now The Evolution Of Songwriting…

HIT LYRICS YESTERDAY… “Eleanor Rigby died in the church and was buried along with her name. Nobody came. Father McKenzie, wiping the dirt from his hands as he walks from the grave. No-one was saved. All the lonely people, where do they all come from? All the lonely people, where do they all belong?”

HIT LYRICS TODAY… “Watch me crank it Watch me rollWatch me crank dat Soulja Boy,That Superman dat


We'll agree to disagree.

If today’s music sucks so much, why is it on the radio? Why do people buy the songs and albums? Oh wait, it sucks because it’s popular, right? Wrong. You’d have to say the same about every popular artist ever then. Yet that’s how some people think. Or they think that since they like older or underground bands that it makes them so cool and original, when millions of other people do the same.

When I listen to music, I either like it or I hate it. Lots of people will ignore and entire genre and its subgenres because they heard a song from it, then got the impression all other songs are the same shit. Whenever I don’t like a song I find out what artist it is and stay away from their stuff. For instance: Lil’ John sucks, but I don’t hate all rap because of it. I don’t care that he’s popular, he just sucks at making even mediocre rap music.

Everyone can hate music all they want. But hating it for being popular is just dumb. Hate it for sucking, like Lil’ John’s “rap” or most country songs I’ve heard. Not to mention some people don’t like you for not liking the music they do (it happens).

Seiko says:

Oh Come on ...

Listen to Symphonic Rock or Symphonic Metal. That’s something actually new (actually, it’s been going on for about 10-13 years, just never been big until now since it’s growing since the 2003 debut of Evanescence).

But this whole thing is true. My whole freshmen year of high school, everybody were eating up metallica albums. And they thought the older ones were better.
In my junior year, kids were talking about the lists they made of the top 25 best 80’s songs.
A few other people in the back of that same class were saying how great these bands all were. And also, they loved the symphonic metal (!!!) band Nightwish, saying that Tarja was the greatest singer in the world. There music (and supporting singer) sounds like something new out of the 70’s or 80’s. If it was the 80’s, it would fit in much better yet be so distinquishable from it.
But since everyone likes garbage like Panic at the Disco, My Chemical Romance (booed off the stage in Europe more than once), and Paris Hilton.

I must also say that every kind of music from any era has it’s good singers. I never liked country until I heard Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood, but I’ve gotten into it because of them. Heck, I didn’t really like music until I heard Evanescence. I didn’t like nu-metal either until I heard Linkin Park. I also hated anything dance until DHT and Cascada came along. Hippie/independent music drove me nuts too until I heard Trey (former Phish Singer) and Aslyn (check her out; she is unbelievably good). Without Ciara, I would loathe anything R&B/crunk.

Then again, if you look at Meat Loaf, he’d destroy any of these singers. Unless there foreign singers who sing rock (actual rock, not pop) or metal, the older singers were better. I must add that I’m only 19.

Seiko says:


I have to say I do think Miley Cyrus is a decent singer.

However, this a very good point. They call Rihanna the next Christinia Aquilera when Rihann’s 3 albums didn’t sell half as much as one of Christina’s.
Even Miley, whos practically the new Britanny; her album sales aren’t even close to one of Britannys.

Also, new boy bands like the Jonas Brothers albums haven’t sold half as much as one of the backstreet boys albums (besides the crummy new one).

I’m not entirely sure about this, but the last time I heard an album went diamond was Maroon5’s debut in 2004, like 4 years ago. And Evanescence’s debut before that. We were heading downhill before that but that was the real killer there.

Also, the good singers don’t get the recognition they deserve, like Tarja (ex-Nightwish) or Sharon Adel, or Roy Khan from Kamelot.

In conclusion, this is all because America (and other countries as well) cannot recognize true talent. Simple as that, they are done deaf and actually stupid in some ways, not because they like what they like but because they eat up garbage that they won’t like in the next 5 years or are just jumping on because it’s the “Trend.”

Seiko says:


In the reverse, in the underground scene growing today:

Hit Lyrics Yesterday (2000’s, mainstream): “I’ll take you to the candy shop. I’ll let you lick the lollipop.”
(50 Cent)

Hit Lyrics Today (now) :”Caress The One That Never Fading Rain In Your Heart That Chases Snow White Sorrow caress the one Hiding Amaranth in the land of daybreak.”
(Nightwish, Anette Olzon new lead singer)

Which one is actually good? Of course lyrics with a beautiful voice than a song any person who likes rap could sing. We need range, talent, good songwriting, and good instrument playing. Is that so much to ask?

Seiko says:


Having no soul is true, but saying all music should be happy is exactly what’s wrong with half the music today.
It’s supposed to spark thought, which can range to any emotion. When it has no soul, it doesn’t. But if it’s all happy, it’s just a lie (same with movies too).

The world is not happy. It never will be. But it can be good.
Life can be happy. It can be sad.

Songs from Jessica Simpson and Hannah Montana constantly promoting happiness is ridicoulous. It’s stupid. THank god Miley Cyrus’ albums actually see the other side now.

Seether is right with “Rise Above This,” rising above the sadness or “Amaranth” by Nightwish about a never-fading hope.

open fiar says:

music sucks because record companies are dictating this shit,we have to stop this stupid motto about”we are living in sad years”oh..come on!,our mission is hit the mainstream on the balls,rejecting this dictatoradio shit and creating more space to good artists,old and brand new,criticism to this forced fashionism(such bling bling pop shit)and send them back to the stoneage.No money to this assholes.


Billy says:

I think what has changed is that the radio plays no more decent music, there was always an alternative but there was always good radio music. All the great talented bands of the past received radio play….now they are no longer (that’s if there is decent stuff out there).
My friend listens to industrial rock, some band calls MSI!! I think there awful but it’s his taste and I respect him for that!!! I find him frustrating because he believes older music ‘’sucks’’
Pop is pretty much dead which I think is actually sad, well maybe im just speaking for my kind of pop, 80’s pop. I love 80’s music, the synthesizers , that addictive wall of sound and that optimism!
Another thing, hip-hop and rap is an interesting form of music, however I preferred it when it was less commercial. The problem began when rap and r‘n‘b became watered down around 1999-2000. They have become the new pop which has made the charts massively boring. Rap was better when it was underground or less noticeable, artists like tupac and nas make 50 cent look pointless.
Alternative rock music is dead also, people who say ”you need to look for it” are idiots, if it was so good it would get more attention, im afraid that‘s the way music is in reality unless it‘s jazz or classical which has it‘s own outlets. That’s why underground bands like the pixies and rem were discovered, the buzz got around and people brought there music which made them popular. For some reason the good music of today may prefer to maintain anonymous!!

Frenchie says:

I have the answer!

Stop making new music videos – because video killed the radio star. Also, REMOVE THE ALBUM CHARTS (ie. Billboard). Let the DJ decide what they think is good and let the radio listeners decide. If you get more listeners, you have a good DJ playing good music. In essence, I believe we need to REBOOT the music industry. Start fresh. At the moment, the industry dictates what we should like. It needs to be the other way around. Imagine, if you wanted to buy a car, but all you could buy was a truck, because that is what the automobile industry believed was popular for that season. What if everyone wants a car, but all they sell is trucks? People start stealing cars of course. GET THE HINT? Let us tell you what we want!

Anonymous Coward says:

There is hope.

I know that most mainstream music today is beyond any compare with the music of the past, but if you take the time to look, you can find some real gems in today’s music industry. I personally found refuge in the Jam Band scene with bands such as Phish, Lotus, Sound Tribe Sector 9, Allman Bros., Moe., Dave Matthews, and tons of others. These bands still perform today and are great musical experiences for anyone interested in that kind of music. Even alternative rock bands such as Coldplay, The Flaming Lips, and Radiohead have some incredible music to listen to. You just need to explore the bounds of music today. What do you have to lose by listening to some stuff you never heard off? Maybe a few minutes from your day but its worth the time.

eydie says:

today's music DOES suck

every now and then there is a sliver of good, but it’s so few and far between. the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s just had better music and more talented artists. a lot of it just seems more like a fashion show than actual musical talent. the music of yesterday didn’t require the artist to be what passes for society’s idea of gorgeous, tho some were beautiful, of course. it’s really disheartening. my son listens to a lot of stuff i loved growing up in the late 60’s and 70’s and my young adult faves of the 80’s. i feel sorry for kids today.

Confused says:

music has a chance...

…but only if you recognize the good music out there like 3 doors down (amazing musicians who can sing and rock), nickelback (who dont deserve the crap they get when they have obvious talent for making catchy songs), and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, who prove that “alternative” rock” can still be rock. It amazes me that people think that stuff like ac/dc is “classic” rock when they can’t even sing. Screaming is the new singing. Why do you think so many kids turn to rap? Vocal talent in rock music is practically non-existent, except in soft rock like John Mayer and Matchbox Twenty, who I think do have talent. But still, classic rock like Boston and Journey and Foreigner had good vocal talent, but seriously, these guys could rock, too, and their songs had good guitar solos in them too. Now guitar solos seem to be mostly reserved for heavy metal groups that just scream a lot. Amazing rock songs like It’s Not My Time do not come around very often, and that’s a shame. Alternative rock has taken over, and vocal talent is thrown out the window. People actually think Panic At The Disco has talent, then say that Nickelback and 3 Doors Down are watered down post-grunge crap when
they’re actually some of the only ones putting out good rock music. It sickens me.

truemusic says:

music has a chance...

Yes! Finally, somebody gets it. It doesnt make sense to me either. Why can’t rock music have good vocals? Why does it have to be one or the other? Pop music isn’t all bad, but like you said, the good ones like It’s Not My Time are undervalued, even though that one was played a lot on the radio. Yet songs like Viva La Vida get more attention. Not that I didn’t like it, but it’s nowhere near the high quality of 3 Doors Down.

Alarm says:

Here's your problem

The problem is this: The popular stations that teens listen to are either country, rock stations that play crap like Linkin Park (who are popular for some unknown reason even though they just shout a lot to the beat of a guitar), or pop stations that play pop, r&b, and rap (a combination that grows very old very fast). The good rock music is thrown into Top 40 stations that are a hybrid of new and old hits, and typically those stations play soft rock anyway, so it will be too boring for younger people. I am 17 by the way, not someone in their 40’s or 50’s. It’s a shame that my generation doesnt recognize great songs like you guys mentioned. It’s Not My Time was an amazing song to listen to, and I still like it after all the times it’s been played on the radio. Can you say the same for all those overplayed Chris Brown songs?

James says:

Modern rock does suck

Yeah vocal talent really is unimportant to music execs now. And groups with talent are bashed for being too “watered down” and “unoriginal” and it’s not a fair statement. For instance, Nickelback’s multi-platinum album All The Right Reasons was a great rock album. I look online and see that it has an average rating of like 45%! And why? Because the singles were too “radio-friendly.” Since when is a hit on the radio equal to a horrible song? Appealing to a wide audience is NOT a bad thing! Seriously! Most of the songs on that album were good. But because they have radio-friendly ballads, people think that means they’ve sold out.

coochiefromtheblacklagoon says:

it all sucks

if music has difficult instrumentals, unique voices, and meaningful songwriting it is good.

there has always been bad music its not about what years it came from. when you hear bob dylan you know its him, its unique, if you tried to play elliot smith guitar then you understand the talent needed to play it. the jonas brothers have poor musical skills, average voices (which wouldn’t matter if their voices were unique, but there not) and horrible lyrics. but disco was just as bad. every year of music there were bad songs, you always have to look deeper you can’t just use blanket statements like new music sucks, old is good. fuckin figure it out. everything sucks. kill me.

person says:


John Williams and Radiohead FTW!

I think the problem with modern pop and rock is their chord progressions. They all play them at the same steady rate and they all use chord progressions everyone’s heard millions of times before. Dumbass composers especially like to use the standard arrangement of Drums+Guitars+boring 4-chord progression+”shake it baby” lyrics. WHY NOT a TWO-CHORD progression for a change? Maybe make it a bit slower and add some interesting guitar work I fill it in? People just don’t put effort into songs. It’s just a quick way of making some profits.

BTW, I’m suprised that this article has been active for nearly 2 years! I guees it shows how important this issue is.

Anonymous Coward says:

Anoymous"indie"coward is GAYeatshit

indie? isn’t that supposed to mean independent artist? then why are these “indie” bands on major labels? why did people turn that word into a “style” of whiny, untalented garbage that they call music? who knows. we need good music back. good bands for once again. 2010 might be the year for a big change in music. good ROCK bands will come back soon because it’s time for that, this can’t go on any longer, hopefully everyone will soon see.

JT says:

I want to be the messiah of music

Sometimes in my head I come up with the most original, unique ideas with unheard of lyrics. It drives me insane because I come from a non-musical family where I play no instruments, can’t write or read sheet music for the life of me and have no musical friends whatsoever. And as to music…the problem of why music is not good is precisely that they really have run out of ideas.

Everybody is nostalgic for the past. Why was the old music good? Because the artists were attempting to create a sound that was like NO OTHER THAT HAD EVER BEEN DONE BEFORE. They were pushing the envelope, trying to shock and excite people. I seemed to be a pioneer of the trend of this because in the early 90’s all I listened to was music from the 80’s back…I wanted to get into the newer stuff but it seemed shallow, toneless, pretentious and boring in comparison. In contrast, the older music had more melody, more experimentation, more excitement to it. I felt one with the music and it made me feel chills, emotion.

Nevertheless, this celebration of old music started in the 80’s, and it also started the downfall of music. From the 50’s to the 80’s, there was no desire to mimic the past…the past was a time to be forgotten and people believed that what they could do at the moment was better than anything before. There were no “golden oldies”…just bad adult contemporary from the 40’s that nobody cared to listen born after 1945, church music, largely underground soul/jazz music, bluegrass and basically very local performers earning nothing but the pleasure of making good music.

From the 50’s on, you STILL had people copying each other, shitty music, boring music. Like Motown? Note that nearly EVERY classic Motown song ultimately sounded alike at the end. Like Classic Rock? Only so many ways you can play an electric guitar. It wasn’t all good, it’s just that nearly everyone could find many songs/groups that absolutely stunned them and they couldn’t stop playing. I rarely find songs today like that, but I do find them occassionally. I became a huge fan of Radiohead long after their peak and think that they came up with some very unique, original songs with deep lyrics like nothing I’ve ever heard before. Starting out a song with the lyrics “green plastic watering can” is not your typical cheesy love song, I’m a bad ass teenage p*ick song or I’m a 40 year old fart that thinks Pink Floyd-Metallica-AC/DC is better than all bands that ever recorded before or since and nobody better disagree or else they’re fans of disco and probably lame.

What makes today’s music sucks is that they are finding convenient to cash in on the past with semi-nostalgic tunes with stupid lyrics, corny hooks and intros, saying the same thing over and over and tired formats, but disguising this by appealing to teenage rebellion by ever increasingly smutty, slutty, sleazy anti-everything lyrics…basically shifting music into a stupid chant not far different from another horrible musical trend of, you’ve got it, the 70’s known as FOLK ROCK. And yes I pissed off the 70’s purists…I cringe to think of having to listen to that shit again right along with Disco Duck and all of that played to death classic rock.

“Classic rock”, disco, alternative, heavy metal, new wave…why do you think those were so popular and STILL celebrated? Because they were absolutely like nothing ever before. But listen to any format…you’ll notice after ten different songs that they all sound alike. People got bored with them moved on…but today I’m having to listen to them all over again in a stupider, weaker form. Basically the kids got into these older groups and brought them into the stratosphere. In the 90’s, my generation was raiding their parents record collection and playing Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix like they were brand new bands. Cmon everybody…please stop this shit! Like your old stuff, but let them stay in the past. Throw in some new instruments! Create a new tempo! Try a new style of playing old instruments! Sing a song YOUR way! Maybe even leave all the instruments we use today out of music entirely and bring back instruments of antiquity for a whole new sound!

Ever since new wave and heavy metal died, people have been STARVING for something that didn’t sound like the past. Rap was a new play on an old sound with tough talking that made the teenagers open up their wallets, but now it’s stupid and tired. Alternative degenerated into faux-emo and pop-punk to offset all the wannabe Nirvana bands that couldn’t come up with an original sound for the life of them. F*ck the influences, come up with something wild, weird and unimaginable much like Gary Numan must have sounded when he brought us “Cars” in 1980…I am not betting on it with the state of ALL of the nations of the world, but even if its for a local audience and you never get to have a castle and a garage full of Porsches for doing it, you’ve got to start somewhere.

Nick says:

well, MOST of it does suck (maybe 99.999%?)....

I am a musician myself. I play the piano, and I like to listen to jazz a lot. I am only 27 and I even listen to 1930s-40s swing. To me, that music actually sounds DANCIBLE!
What I do not really like about today’s music is, it is all either too fast (rap) or too slow (just about everything else). At work, I have to listen to Alicia Keys. She is supposed to be a great piano player (like me?) but, on the radio, I barely hear a note being pressed down because she is screaming her lungs off! No offense, but it seems like she can’t SING to save her life. What is wrong with music these days?
Of course, I do admire some modern jazz musicians. One is Anthony Wonsey, a piano player. Another is Nicholas Payton, a good trumpeter.

Robert says:

I wish the record companies and MTV would wake up out of their slumber and realize that young kids today absolutely love music from the 70’s and 80’s and the style those songs were written in. The younger generation hates the crap that is put out today. Unfortunately, it all started with Kurt Cobain and his Grunge style that put hair metal in a coma and unleashed all the other crap that followed. RECORD COMPANIES, BRING BACK THE FLAVOR OF THE 70’S AND 80’S AND BRING BACK GLAM METAL!!!!

Antonio says:

Gen Yer who's ashamed of today's music...

I’m 21 and I am largely ashamed with this decade’s music… I sometimes wished I grew up in the 60s or 70s or 90s cuz they had GREAT music! Emo drove me out of listening to the radio and speaking of Rap I can tolerate it in light doses but I usually ONLY listen to them so I can laugh at their lyrical content…

I hope the 2010s brings a backlash to this messed up pathetic musical state of affairs!

Aaron says:

music industry is not in good health (refering to

You shouldn’t bash a whole genre of music based on what’s on the surface. Sure, there are some questionable songs in the Rap genre, but there are some great songs out there, too. People often generalize that Rap and Hip Hop (which are sadly grouped together) are all about guns, drugs, gangs, and misogyny. However, that is not the case. PLENTY of rappers talk about other things- the politics ranging from simple stories (Slick Rick’s Children’s Story for example) to Political and Social Movements (Brand Nubian, KRS-One, etc). You just have to dig.

Another thing you mentioned was that rap was “under-produced.” Well you are partially correct on that one. You see, rap tracks in GENERAL, have a really under-produced feel to it on purpose. It’s just the style. Just like most rock tracks are designed to be super extra loud, rap tracks are designed to be chill and easy on the ears. With that said, it’s pretty easy to create a rap track by normal standards- Get a drum machine (TR-808) and a few synths and you’re good. But beyond that, it becomes an art in itself- HOURS , DAYS, and even MONTHS of digging in the crates (looking for “samples,” little excerpts of funk, reggae, and rare groove tracks, often from an extensive library of old LPs, which are stored in “crates,” hence the phrase), and coming up with clever metaphors and rhyming.

However, I do agree that nearly every genre of music has gone to complete SHIT in the past decade or so. And although some of my peers (yes, I am 15) may agree with me, it seems as though a vast majority of teens are still tuning in to the radio and buying shit albums. Rock music has become now dull and it seems that most bands on the air are trying TOO hard to make complex messages that don’t make sense in the first place. Hip-Hop has died and has been replaced by a hideous form of pop. Electronica has lost it’s originality and flavor and is starting to become simpler as it slowly creeps into the mainstream. Independent and underground music just doesn’t compare to the music of the past, either. This goes for all genres. From Electronica to Country.

Is it a byproduct of a more ignorant, apathetic society? Is it because “everything has been done?” Have we boxed ourselves in with copyright laws? Is it because of a huge corporate scheme to push onto store shelves albums of anything that sounds vaguely like music? Or does everyone out there just suck?

Jazz Skywalker (user link) says:

holy motown

how can anyone with ears sit there ands say modern music is good HA i used to be blind and listen to modern crap then i stubled across a old tape of ccr their creedence gold album and man that tape changed my life i seen how much todays music aint got the same soul

once you first hear santana pourin his soul out in a song from around 69 you can never listen to the shit they call music today again to bad carlos has sold out like all other bands these days

top reasons why modern muaic is jive
1 to damn angry
sure life sucks but damn man noone wants to hear som jackass screaming in non understandable tones with a drum beat like som pricks haveing a heart attack on the drums and who looks like he has a dick and a cunt
2 rap crap
who the funk had the bright idea to go gangster please tell me so i can chop his balls off cause we dont need more asshats like him rap and hip hop proves most kids today are to dumb to even wipe their own ass any one whos over 15 and cant see thru the liesc and still loves rap is right up there with bush damnitt

3 music dosnt even sound real
drum beats sound to light and fake nowdays the guitar riffs sound horrable like somones just tryin to make a quick buck to get fucked tonight

im only 18 but my god i can see music was better back in the 60s and 70s and shit today sucks ass on a scale i never thought id see and you know what its not just music theres a trend goin on with music hollywood and video games its just a game of make a quick buck nowdays and to hell with the quality of the product how else would you explain techno?

to quote the immortal words of bob seger todays music aint got the same soul i like that old time rock n roll

if you dont agree fine fuck you go back to your lies filled world where youll probally die alone after 40 years of workin 9 to 5 in a dead end job stuck behinde a damn desk alday at a dildo company workin for the man you pussy

Jazz Skywalker says:

recording tech is also to blame

hotdamn finally another cat who knows the imperfections is aprt of what made things so good back then look at that one point in up around the bend by ccr you clearly hear a static pop and thats what made them stand out plus shit today sounds to clean man its just not right i want that vinyl popy static back in the groove man

Dave says:

The lack of talent and the lure of huge sums of money are only two parts of the problem. With all the great technology out there, there’s a tendency to abuse it now. Things Like auto-tuners, digital effects and the like are abused like a meth. addict. The result is the loss of emotion and dynamics. It sounds cold even. Compound the fact that MP3 is being used as a primary format for listening and there you go! Crap in a nutshell. If we are at the point where the labels get musicians that can’t rehearse until they get it right or we have people who can’t sing on key then, why should you as a consumer buy there stuff? I know an auto-tuner when I hear it.

Michael says:

Then and now

There is a discernable difference in quality when listening between the current ‘popular’ music and yesterday’s. Even if I make comparisons between the 90’s and 2000’s, e.g. Alice in Chains vs Panic! at the Disco, the former is far superior in every way. Newer material from former greats like Metallica cannot compare with their early recordings, which signals that the problem isn’t simply a matter of the record labels acquiring more lackluster artists (even though that’s a part of it) but rather illustrates a certain lack of inspiration.

One might ask: wasn’t their crappy music back in the 60’s-through-90’s? Of course. However, there was also a lot of quality offerings on display. It used to be that you could walk into a record store and buy great albums filled with great songs from beginning to end. Whatever the time, whatever the style (barring disco…), there was quality on offer and plenty of it. Everyone from Steely Dan to David Bowie, King Crimson to Metallica, The Beatles to The Beach Boys/Brian Eno, Slayer to Stevie Wonder, and on and on …everything was better (and new), done with much more passion for the craft and attention to detail — even the packaging was way better. You could look forward to great new music every month.

Nowadays, you’re lucky if you can find a few good songs in a year.

They sell ‘trendy’ singles on iTunes, i.e. whatever the record brass wants to force on the public, and album prices have skyrocketed in recent years which is ironic given the fact that the albums on offer, quite frankly, suck. As customers grew dissatisfied with the garbage on offer and sales plummeted, the record companies or, more specifically, the RIAA, their lobbying strongarms, decided to make the customers their scapegoat, because if people aren’t willing to pay for their crap, they’ll sue it out of ’em. It’s a bullying business model built on a pile of shit and the stench is overwhelming.

People have drawn their focus away from great melodies, interesting harmonies and arrangements, and have instead become obsessed with trying to be ‘studio perfect’ like the current crop of over-processed filler (to note, it doesn’t matter what is recorded nor how clean when the mastering engineers have turned the mix up to blare out past the -0dB threshold of digital audio, thereby destroying the clarity and contrast between the different instruments, as well as causing ear fatigue). You don’t have to be a pro-grade audio engineer to write a great song, let alone record it. You just have to have some talent, inspiration and dedication to the craft. Those things will always be worth more than any studio equipment.

sup says:

The article was written a long time ago and its only gotten worse. I’m talking only of the mainstream and famous music that most people hear everyday. I’m aware that there are many good “alternative” songs, but the point I’m trying to argue is the songs heard by most of society. Right now I’m in college and while it is a little bit better than high school, I find that it seems that everybody listens to the same crappy music. And it seems to me that THEY ACTUALLY LIKE IT. What I’ve come to believe is that only a small minority of my generation (college students) actually have the intellectual capacity to appreciate good music. I know this is a very bold claim, but I don’t know how else to explain it. How else could you explain it? The quality between old music and new is so great that you’d think any person would be able to recognize it, but they don’t. Every decade except for this one had hundreds of famous and good songs that I’d enjoy listening to everyday. It is rare that a good song is found in this decade. Instead what we get are these overhyped bands followed by a moronic majority such as Jonas Brothers, Fall Out Boy, and Soulja Boy. None of these bands actually have musical talent or they just sample the crap out of old music. Plus, they all sound the same listless, boring, or emo. There is no passion involved in any of their songs. This is in fact not as broad of a generalization as you would think. Rock music and pop music have been decimated and I fail to see any recovery from it. At least we can take refuge in the amazing tones of each decade before this one. Each one was unique in its music and had tons of famous artists.

My claim here is that any person of intelligence if tested on what music they found more appealing, any music before this decade and music from this decade, the answer should be clear as day. The music today sucks.

rootsrock says:

Today's music sucks

Listen to Chuck Berry’s ‘Let it Rock’ then listen to Robert Johnson’s ‘Sweet Home Chicago’, then fast forward again to Sonny Boy Williamson’s ‘Bring it on Home’, then listen to Led Zeppelin doing the same song. Your faith will be restored. Uh….but just don’t listen to today’s music any more.


Bintie says:

Today's music does suck

It began at the end of the 80’s. When the record companies began simply pumping out slapass video after slapass video. Bands like Journey, Heart, Cheap Trick, Zeppelin, Rush, Yes, on and on, were great. Then we had long blonde queers like Nelson and Warrant and Marriah Carrey and Janet Jackson and Guns N Roses and Great White and White Cross and White Lion and White Snake and Paula Abdul and gawd remembers what-all crap they distributed each week. Then there was Nirvana and Alanis Morissette and Spin Doctors and Sound Garden and Phish. Then it got even worse… Cher came out with the first single to use the “vocoder”, that sickening vocal compressing device that has entirely survived the music industry in every genre, most especially (choke me!) Country music.

Today’s crap music has no feel. Nothing inspires you to reach for the stars and be a better person, it just caters to dumb people and promotes ignorant follower consumerism.

Bintie says:

Today's music does suck

It began at the end of the 80’s. When the record companies began simply pumping out slapass video after slapass video. Bands like Journey, Heart, Cheap Trick, Zeppelin, Rush, Yes, on and on, were great. Then we had long blonde queers like Nelson and Warrant and Marriah Carrey and Janet Jackson and Guns N Roses and Great White and White Cross and White Lion and White Snake and Paula Abdul and gawd remembers what-all crap they distributed each week. Then there was Nirvana and Alanis Morissette and Spin Doctors and Sound Garden and Phish. Then it got even worse… Cher came out with the first single to use the “vocoder”, that sickening vocal compressing device that has entirely survived the music industry in every genre, most especially (choke me!) Country music.

Today’s crap music has no feel. Nothing inspires you to reach for the stars and be a better person, it just caters to dumb people and promotes ignorant follower consumerism.

Tom says:

When music started to decline

In my opinion music started to decline after nirvana came out and all the grunge bands that pretty much just sucked i listen to some of their songs and their terrible now you have stupid bands like all time low forever sickest kids and all of them personally i believe that the 80’s had the best music besides the 60’s cause bands like Warrant, Motley Crue, Guns N’ Roses all had soul and power when it came to their songs especially their guitar solos

Tim says:

It's not that I'm stuck in the past...

it’s that today’s radio sucks gopher dicks. I just miss the guitar driven, dirty rock bands. I don’t need my music wrapped up in a nice package. I don’t need to listen to a bunch or whiners, either. Give me some music with balls and genuine emotion to it and not some of this fake emo shit. Give me some mind fucking solos. Hey, I’m not stuck in the past, I’m just waiting for this generation to take the torch and put me on my ass. Sadly, though, they haven’t and I’m stuck listening to the very, very few good unsigned and indie bands out there.

Alisa Anne says:


I am only 15, myself, and I agree, most music now days that is mainstream does suck. You have to hunt around to find the good, modern bands that are sincere about the art. Once you do, trust me, it’s worth it. Much of what is on my iPod is older music. It’s the massive, monster corporations that are ruining the art form of music. They use people as tools to sell generic, corporate music to the masses. Worst part is, so many people are buying it o.0 I either have to go underground, back in time, or just pick and choose in a music snobbish fashion to find the good stuff.

It's the stupid kids says:

It's the stupid kids

Simple – Most kids today are lazy and dumb. Yes, that is true. Our society has made them that way.

Good music takes intelligence and hard work to create… both are rare in today’s youth.

They are too lazy to go beyond pressing a button on a software program to launch a beat pattern. ooooh, that takes a lot of talent and you should be so proud of yourself! HA!!!

Ever tried playing an Oboe? Or a Violin? Sorry, you fail.

Beatles fangirl says:

sooo true

wow this article is sooo true…i’m in college and i ONLY listen to classic rock, like the Beatles, the Who, The Doors, The Rolling Stones, Queen, Pink Floyd, Billy Joel, Elton John, John Lennon, U2, Bob Dylan, etc. Music today all sounds exactly the same; its either (c)rap, horrible pop or whiny emo rock. Its all about being famous and looking good on stage,and there’s no real passion involved. Rock from the 60s, 70s and 80s meant something, and there was a whole variety of styles, and the performers were infinitely more talented than today’s “artists”.


Ezra says:

Not All Modern Music Sucks, but the Bad Does Outnumber the Good

It’s wrong to say that today’s music sucks and leave it at that. There’s the good and the bad, just like in decades past.

However, there is a lot of shit. Lots of bands/singers just plain suck (Franz Ferdinand) or have talent but have lame, uninspired songs (Rihanna & Taylor Swift). It’s a result of having stupid kids nurtured on stupid pop culture setting the bar on what “good” and “cool” is, and having the sheep conform to their stupid ideals.

corporatefolkhero says:

There’s no way I could imagine living without Wolf Parade, Arcade Fire, The Rural Alberta Advantage, Yeasayer, The National, and many other 21st century groups. Few artists, past and present, put more soul into music than Spencer Krug (Wolf Parade/Sunset Rubdown).

I respect the classic groups, but if I had to choose between 2000s music and music from all other decades it’s no comparison– 2000-onwards wins hands down. Modern musicians can draw upon everything we’ve heard before as well as their own creativity. It’s ridiculous to think that music has had some sort of golden age other than the present.

On the other hand, the music industry has been going through business model growing pains throughout this decade, but the internet has thrown the door wide open for bands that wouldn’t have otherwise seen the light of day. It’s only going to get better from here on out, because so many of the old creative bottlenecks have been removed.


soon to be DJ PM Xb randomness r0cKs says:


am i the only one here who likes daft punk?! electronic is way better than rap even though it basicly has the same objective: to get people to bounce and dance and stuff. but just about any rap that isn’t underground sucks. the only songs i like are don’t stop the music by rihanna and stronger by kanye west because they both sample music by older artists that had big hits. there is my opinion

Drew says:

I blame the internet!!!

If you read all the comments (it takes awhile) most people seem to say music started to really suck after the mid-90s. Well once you have the ability to just pick and choose a single song by downloading there is no incentive for artists to make an entire album full of great songs.

P.S. I was just listening to some classic rock and they were playing a flute in a rock song. Now where do you hear that in music now days? WAKE UP MUSIC IS DEAD!!! THE ONLY FLUTE BEING PLAYED IN MUSIC NOW DAYS IS THE SKIN-FLUTE!!


I think that when people look back on this period of music history, it will be like the Dark Ages of music. Declining sales, increasing loudness from bad mastering, and record companies going after peer-to-peer sites help this viewpoint. A lot of it in my opinion has to do with the loudness of CDs. Back when they were introduced in the 80s they had the same volume as the vinyl pressing of the same album. Now, when you see all these old albums “remastered” on CD, they’re loud as hell and sound like shit because of it.

Record companies are also blaming low sales on P2P sites like Pirate Bay, Mininova, Bt Junkie, Iso Hunt, etc. Funny, because the music everyone is downlading is good music (90s and earlier OR the non-mainstream 2000s bands). Shit like Fall Out Boy, Panic At The Disco, Jonas Brothers, Lil Wayne, Britney Spears… It’s so bad that no one even takes it for free when it’s a click of the mouse away. The vast majority of music that people download is stuff that was around before Napster.

tut says:

Don't diss what YOU think is indie...

To the people saying ‘death to indie!’
You are really moronic. No, really. Indie isn’t a genre, it’s short for independent. What does that mean? It means that these bands are signed to independent record labels i.e. not Sony BMG and the like, stuff which you haven’t heard of. And THAT means that they release what THEY want to, not what generic society dictates. Indie music rocks, it’s diverse and independent. So get your heads out of your asses before preaching your ignorance.

J.C. says:

Let the young decide

Music today sucks, period. I know this from what I hear, and I know this from what younger children are telling me.

Here I am, an English teacher in Greece. I have various classes of kids, 13 to 18+ years old.

I ask them, “Is music good today?” — the answer, almost 90% of the time: IT SUCKS.

Kids aren’t stupid. Music has lost its touch.

I turned over the problem in my head again and again. Do musicians today lack talent? Are they unskilled? No, there are many skillful musicians.

I think its about inspiration, spirit, passion. Musicians, artists today – they’re just uncertain about WHAT to create, about HOW to sound.

ALL great music has direction, focus, and intensity. That’s why music sucks today – it has none of these.

god says:

That is True

100% of today s music SUCKS,needs a TODAY S MUSIC DEMOLITION NIGHT,that is the mantra,The Reason of a Vengeance Reaction:Ignorant Jackasses with no Soul,independent from the Style,They Dont
Love Women,They dont Love Nobody,Romance Feeling,Passion,Get Horny,everthing was killed by a buncho of so Called”Artists”but they are just a”Pop Hookers”waiting for the easy money,during the apocalipse(2000 a.c),Record Companies discovered that instead of Good Music,Image Sells for stupids,so we have a army of Fakers,liars,Fashionists Schooeless person,airheads of pop and hip hop,dictate this shit,the pop is not democratic,is a dictatorship from Assholes to take control of young claque suckers,buying the midia press,radio,mtv with money,its a worst version of Citizen Kane,its worst than a Communist Regime,its a totalitarism of japanese executives,Stupid Rappers(eminen,dr dre,all this unhuman shit),crazy bitches(lady gaga,britney,madonna),pseudo-music producers(timbaland,mark ronson,all this unhuman shit),boy bands(green day,linkin park),i claim the world to curse this people for ever,and i hope people forget this bastards and send them to a limbo,i hope they lost all of the money that they won,so,remember you are controlled by a Zombies,dont be a zombie…

Mds Kunio says:

I agree whole-heartedly

Super-groups, Neo Teen Idols, Faux this, or Pseudo that. Music now is just recycled garbage compacted into so-called “unique” forms. There is no underground anymore, nothing to influence musicians, nothing new.

Newer generations seem more open to having a broad range in music tastes, instead of the old way of choosing a particular taste to stick with and also represent. They like, and want everything, even if they only like that certain style for one day. Hell, they could just delete it and pretend they never liked that record anyway.

John B says:


I am 44 years old. My first album was Kiss Alive 2. My last album was 4 non blondes. That’s a 20 year span. I feel very strong about music and Know excactly where and when it died. Nirvana. Nirvana was that last great band everything after that just plain sucks! There were a few bands that came from that Seattle scene that had a cool feel. Very few! And they didn’t last because thay can’t write. I was playing in 80’s pop-metal bands back then and remmeber it was very painful to see the music go down hill like that. Thats when I joined a 70’s band and pretty much played 70’s until 2009. Let me say that every decade had cheezy artist. And some of that is ok as long as it is minimal. But the cheeze has gotten out of hand! Just plain retarded. What happend is that Seattle scene was all about being striped down to the bare minimum and it’s been that way ever since. For some reason it just won’t recover. What the hell happened to SOLOS???? Just no techneque at all. And it was all about anti 80’s music…Why? Because they can’t play or sing like that. When I hear BECK on the radio it amazes me how that dude ever got signed. How abou crash test dummies or maybe nickleback. They ALL SUCK!!!!!!! There was LOU REED in the 70’s, but that was just ONE GUY. Now ya have evryone sounding like sh.. I do see a shift in music now, They play 80’s on the radio now and adam lambert and lady gaga are steering it in the right direction. I’m hopefull. I pray. God save rock and roll!

Michael says:

Todays music

I’m 17 and in my honest opinion about 80% of the music thats been coming out between 05 and now has been pretty much total shit.. Yes there are a given few songs that are decent, but Music from the 60’s 70’s and 80’s is definitely better.. Hell even the 90’s was good. I dont understand why we cant have that type of music anymore. It’s all synthesized shit, repeating the same versus over and over. I think the music industry definitely needs to go back and look at what they used to put out, and resort back to that.

John B says:


OK, it’s 2010, Let’s see what happens in the music scene. It’s been 20 years since the bottom fell out. In my mind, 1970-1990 was long hair rock(loved it), 1990-2010 was Grunge,dork rock and rap and r+b went mainstraim. I never liked any of that. I really do think it will get back to Glam,flash and technique, which is the opposite of what’s been going on since 1990. We’ll see if the music industry can take its head out of thier arse!

lando says:

I agree

I hope the next generation creates a new genre or go back to good old MUSIC, not synthesized shit w/ nothing but sex,drugs,money,cars,bling.etc. for lyrics. And I sincerely hope that this decade’s musicians would know how to spell and use english words properly, for God’s sake, other non-english speaking countries’s music make use of the english language better than many of the mainstream music in america. I keep my fingers crossed for this decade though. BTW to those who keep saying that 2000s music does not suck and is in fact actually getting better, and that people just don’t know how to find it can’t accept the reality that music is really going downhill and that music today needs not improvement but major FIXING.

Anon says:

I am sick of overplayed, shallow, and marketed music. I think that after Cobain’s death, music went downhill, and after the early 2000s even hip hop flopped. Am sick of music that resembles “The Millionaires” on youtube, and hope that maybe bands like “Dead Confederate” and “Silversun Pickups” will bring us out of this horrible dance pop/marketed emo music that seems to permeate the radio waves. (Not that emo is all bad, I mean, bands like MCR and Hawthorne Heights suck–still, I like Jimmy Eat World and the Get Up Kids)

Yeah, kids. Ke$ha sucks. Get over it.

Bastien says:

Indeed. Modern music sucks.

That’s right. Today, music sucks.

I’m 21 years old and I mainly listen to late 70s, 80s and early 90s songs and classical music.

The loudness war is for sure a cause. There is no dynamic range in music, nowadays.
Search for that “Loudness war”, you’ll be shocked.
That’s one cause why music has lost emotions.

Thank god, there is good cds from 80s. Don’t buy remasters.

chris (profile) says:


I wanted to be a rockstar since the age of 7. I am a child of the hippie generation. I started out listening to Billy Joel(dad listened to a lot of music back then)It was pop but the melodies were pretty and my favorite Allentown, talks about his poor hometown.First concert I saw was Joel.Also liked the cars. the new age sound just made me feel great. Next the who….this is at age 7 mind you. my favorite sound in the world is the chainsaw sound of a guitar. Pete Townend’s album White City is not racist I don’t think…not really sure. I don’t have a racist bone in my body….except I admit I disliked black male’s for awhile after I was alone with 2 girls going home from a bar. I gave the finger to a car that almost hit me walking across the street. They pulled us over on a dark street and I was assalted by 5 black men. I did manage to beat the crap out of one. I still have scars on my knuckles from hitting the concrete if you want to see them. I can’t believe they didn’t kill us. I had a rifle pointed at my head at one point. That day I new I was not supposed to die, I was supposed to do something with my life. Unfortunatly drugs got to me first

scott (profile) says:


I think many people would agree with me in saying that yes the music since 2000 does generally suck! Obviously, there are some exceptions whether it is radio music or independent. However, overall, there is no doubt about it that the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s had far better music. People can argue why it has happened, such as the advent of download music when Napster started up and of course now paid downloads through any number of sources. Unlike the old days, people might buy an entire album (including the filler) because they liked one or more songs. So there was more money for the musicians. Now, it would appear that many musicians have concluded that unless they tour a lot, there is not going to be the same financial incentive. I am all about progress as far as technology. Unfortunately, I do think the easy availability of downloaded music has contributed to the demise of good music. But whatever the reason, I think most people agree that the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s had far better music in terms of creativity and everything else versus anything that ever came out in the 00’s. It’s sad but true.

Nick Digilio says:

Todays Music

I agree. MOST music is about opinion. The genre of music you like is generally dictated by opinion. BUT today’s music is absolute shit. It makes me feel like a sewage drain is pouring in my mouth. Forget the fact that the musics not creative or uses stupid trendy theme’s like texting lingo i.e. “OMG”. The people who make the music are disgraces to the world and should have a shotgun put to there nonexisting nuts. In the end all their music comes down one thing. SEX. read the lyrics. first of all these people are so illiterate it makes me want to puke. second of all if your able to read the lyrics( good luck) you’ll see it all comes down to sex and love. and not like a Stevie nix love song im talking “let me drop a G string down south” love song. (you can thank that cuban piece of shit Pitbull for that lyric)When I say “they” im refering more to the people they play on the radio. I.E. lady gaga, Pitbull,Ke$ha ( whats with the money sign in her name?). They are absolutely disgraceful and encourage the sexual revolution and other things like homosexuality and bisexuality ( no offense gay people but please keep it to your selves). Now back to the music itself. The music is unoriginal and stupid and teaches no good message. All the songs are about love or relationships because the teens go for that stuff.Now im sure there’s decent newer music out there but this shit sucks. guys i’m writing this and i’m 13. If you want good music listen to rush. Rush has helped me understand life alot better just by there lyrics. Also Pink Floyd kicks ASS and led Zeppelin.( i agree with bryan about rap stars to). There are alot of non charted bands like Brand New or Coheed and Cambria that are absolutely amazing but there smart enough to stay off the major radio waves to avoid songs being killed.

Nick says:

I want to be the messiah of music

I agree. Actually there are plenty of ideas left. Just no Ideas about love and relationships left. Listen. I love rush. you no why? they are fun at the same time of being serious and poetic. God, reading their lyrics is like reading from a book of Philosophy. It defines every day life and occurences and goes deep into life’s many meanings.
God, if i tried to tell this to someone in my school they’d laugh themselves to death. but its true. no one has good ideas cause no one can think out of the box of love and relationships. I mean look at Pink Floyd. Listening to Roger and David sing is like listening to what I call Epic Poetry. Its strong, sometimes wierd, but always good.

Nick says:



Nick Digilio says:


Here’s a summary of my music today sucks.( not all modern music sucks, just most of the mainstream crap). First of all, its the big buisnesses fault.They pollute our minds with catchy beats and controversial figures who are either immoral or just plain dumb. The big record companies are afraid to sign good bands because they know that there is better music out there that will destroy there profits. The second thing is that Society is having its strings pulled by this music and its figures because they like the trendy ness or because its cute or whatever. Society needs to think.THINK. thats the objective. If people thought about the things they were listening to and the way big record companies work they’d realize that they need to stop supporting these buisnesses. Its fine if you like the beat or whatever but don’t base a lifestyle of the crappy messages of today’s music or there figures(not all of them are bad but still…).Society is the reason crap music is successful.The second reason music sucks today is because no one thinks out of the box. Its all about love and relationships. I love progressive rock[:)rush] because its like reading a philosophy book. Its interesting, the music is fun and portrays good messages. But no one thinks outside of love and relationships.
So, its big buisness, society, and unoriginality that make music suck today. PERIOD.

Rashad says:

There is good music today, you will just have to look for it. This article is nothing more than just nostalgia. I like old music too but I am just saying that not everything then was good. There was plenty of shit music in the 1960s-1990s too. For every Black Sabbath, Megadeth and Judas Priest, you had crap like Lawrence Welk and Michael Bolton. Like what I said, there is good music now. Most of you are only focused on the stuff that is played on the TV and the radio.

wait!wait! says:

OK Rashad,Rashid,whatheaver,you are trying to convince us that todays music not sucks?,ohh,Michael bolton rules,its much better than radiohead shit,for every foo fighters or hellacopters today you have a load of emo simple planish/coldplay/indie pop faggot shit…
ps:james taylor,don maclean,carole king is much better than that oasis/hip hop/high school musical shit..
old 80s funk is much rock and roll that green day crap..

Anonymous Coward says:

I don’t get it I’m 15 but I listen to beatles stones who queen and zep and then I hear modern music and all there is that’s good is the Foo Fighters and them crooked vultures (Dave Grohl, John Paul Jones and some other guy) and we all can thank the radio

“All we hear is radio gaga”-Roger Taylor/Freddie Mercury
“Revolution 9 is what music will eventually turn into”-John Lennon
“Dave Grohl is the last hope for music”-Jimmy Page
“We’re still around to keep whatever is left of music alive”-Kieth Richards
“Being Zak is younger we seem to be looked as by more current”-Pete Townshend
These legends told us

Mojave Tumbleweed says:

DISCO SUCKS! we used to shout and we were right. Disco and Saturday Night Fever really were the first stumbling blocks for rock n roll. It distracted everyone even cool bands like The Rolling Stones. Rock has not been the same since 1975. Then MTV, New Wave, Grunge, Alternatve, Hip Hop, you name it. Of course, the internet didn’t help because it became and will remain a permanent SUPER HOG of our daily lives. Cell phones too. No time for the next gen of rockers to learn from the great musicians of the past. Todays “rock” is but a self loathing, misogynistic pile of poop. Where’s the BRAVADO? The SWAGGER? No dangerous hook-laden riffs. No time to swim in Muddy Waters. You know him dont you? He invented ‘lectricty. No attitude! Except Anger maybe. You dont have to save the world with your friggn music. You dont have to be faster or louder. Or have clever lyrics (The Ramones). Dont forget that the blues gave birth to rock. And todays rockers, and I use that term loosely, have thrown the baby out with the muddy water.

Rashad says:

Not all music today sucks.

@wait!wait! The problem is that you are focusing on all of the stuff played on the radio, that isn’t the only music that exists you know. There are plenty of great bands in the underground. Yeah, a lot of music that is played on the radio and TV is generally crap but there is tons of great stuff out there. Like what I said, you will just have to look for it.

Mojave Tumbleweed says:

Back in the day we didn’t need to look for great stuff. Back in the day it was on the FM radio. Basically it was music all the time with commercials of course. The only talk radio stuff was on in the middle of the night, but even during those hours music was prevalent. Even on the the AM stations there was mostly music with some talk, sports and news stations.
Radio today is useless to explore music. We can thank F uck wad Clear Channel for that. I stopped listening to radio long ago thanks to them. 1200 stations and growing as you young folks through your youthful naivete keep on listening and helping them grow. You have nothing to compare it to because of your lack of years. Fortunately getting older has its benefits too. You can compare. Too much BS with Talk radio and DJ’s that just love to blab on and on like we really care. I wish they would shut their collective cake-holes and do their effing job which is to spin some tunes. Less talk would mean more time to get to hear a greater variety of music and more new stuff too. Maybe we would then get to hear some of those fine bands from the “underground”. People of my gen like Slash grew up listening to everything from Dylan to Carole King to Elvis to Joni Mitchell to Muddy Waters to Isaac Hayes to the Beatles to Neil Young to Led Zeppelin to the Rolling Stones to The Supremes to Little Richard. And tons more. Another difference also was that in the 70’s, for example, the radio stations would occasionally throw in songs from the 50’s or 40’s even so we could pick up on some great stuff we never heard before. Like blues and soul and gospel. Good luck trying to hear that stuff today.

Rashad says:

radio/album sales

Yeah you got a point about the radio. I wasn’t old enough to remember when radio was good though anyways (born in 1993). I never listen to the radio since they play the same 10-15 cookie cutter pop songs all day long and the songs are censored. Who wants to listen to censored songs all day anyways? I just hook up my iPod to the radio and listen to music from it while I am driving. Another reason why the music industry is suffering is because many people would rather download their music rather than purchasing it. Shame.

Mojave Tumbleweed says:

In my day we would record the songs off the radio onto cassettes and we would share them with friends. Almost always we would end up buying the record because the quality of the phonograph was better PLUS you got all the great packaging and artwork. Lyrics usually too. The packaging was BIG! Bigger is better! Nowadays the shared tunes are virtually the exact quality as if you buy it and you dont get much value in the packaging because its so small or non-existent. If you buy it online there is no artwork of course. Kinda sterile and definately not an event like going to the record store. But thats another story, the record store! It was like going to church! I remember when 8-tracks were introduced how disappointing the packaging was compared to the album. When CDs came along the quality of the recording was infinitely better than vinyl but the packaging-artwork was sacrificed. But we were seduced by technology once more. Oh well, the artwork is tiny now but wow, listen to the QUALITY of the recording! You could skip backwards and forwards with the push of a button! How cool. No hunting with the needle to find that song in the middle of the record. Who needs that big album cover with all that terrific artwork. A subtle example of the slow and steady replacement of art with technology.
I own an iPod and I like it because you can be free of the radio. You can be your own DJ. An example of technology put to good use. But I have priceless memories of going to the record store and hunting through stacks of records trying to find a Jimmy Reed album because I heard in an interview that he influenced The Rolling Stones. And guess what, I’d find it. You think you can find Jimmy Reed in the music store today? And what an adventure it was to listen to Jimmy Reed. And that would lead you to investigate who Jimmy Reed was influenced by. Then you’d go back to the record store and go hunting for Eddie Taylor. Not as easy to find. So you go to the used record store and sure enough, you’d find it. I think todays youth are too lazy to pull up their pants, let alone go looking through musical history.

Matthew Spaulding says:

I disagree entirely. Not all music today sucks. There is great stuff coming out today just like yesterday. True, there is a lot of crap coming out today but there was a lot of awful music in the past too. It’s just that the crap has been forgotten about over time and the good stuff is remembered. Who the hell expects to find good music on the radio nowadays? There is Youtube and magazines where you can find new music that is amazing. I for one happen to like a lot of modern music, it’s just that none of it is played on terrestrial radio and if you guys think that you can do better than today’s musician’s then let’s stop complaining and start creating. Whining and complaining will only get you so far.

Matthew Spaulding says:

And I have some more things to say. If you have a local independent record store, then why not spend a Saturday afternoon or something at the record store and asking the employees on their recommendations on great new music. That’s what I do instead of bitching about all of the music played on the radio, yeah it’s awful but every generation had their share of awful boy bands and such. Ex. The 70s had The Monkees, the 80s had New Kids on the Block, the 90s had Backstreet Boys and now there is the Jonas Brothers. Eventually the fans who like cookie cutter music grow up and eventually get into better music. That’s all I have to say.

Mojave Tumbleweed says:

Why must kids today “grow up” to acquire great musical taste? The great music ought to be there NOW. Yes when I was a kid we had the Monkees, but we also heard on the radio (1967)…

The Who
Marvin Gaye
The Four Tops
Johnny Rivers
Ray Charles
Jefferson Airplane
Booker T and The MGs
The Turtles
James Brown
Wilson Pickett
Aretha Franklin
Young Rascals
Fifth Dimension
Diana Ross and The Supremes
Procol Harum
Martha and The Vandella
Van Morrison
The Happenings
The Beatles
The Rolling Stones
Sam and Dave
Frankie Valli
Stevie Wonder
Tommy James and The Shondells
Young Rascals
Nancy Sinatra and Frank Sinatra
The Doors

“I learned to hate music” – Joni Mitchell
“todays music scene is retarded” – my 25 year-old son

ElBarto470 (profile) says:

I’ve found dozens of sites complaining about the same thing, so I tried to come up with an explanation as to why people think some kinds of music suck: it’s all in the upbringing.

No, not your upbringing. The upbringing of your musical taste. If you spent your childhood listening to Linkin Park, Fall Out Boy, and the Jonas Brothers(like what kids today are doing), it’s only natural that you’ll hate The Beatles or Led Zep. You’re mind has been trained to like today’s music. Or if you listen mostly to classic rock, you wouldn’t understand today’s music.

Both styles have their own redeeming qualities. Classic Rock, in my opinion, is more heartfelt, more complex, while today’s music is catchy, simple, and has a danceable beat, which are all qualities that the general youth look for in a song.

Even though I’m a guy who thinks today’s popular music sucks too, it’s going to be hard to convince other people to listen to music from bands they never heard of because:

A: They want to conform to what’s popular so they can look hip.
B: Because they listen to other music, their tastes differ significantly from the oldies, therefore, they probably wouldn’t like it.

PS: For everyone who keeps posting that we should LOOK for good modern music: What’s easier, spending hours on end scouring the dark corners of the Net to find just one good indie band, or just listening to stuff you can get at any decent classic rock store?

uhhh... says:

today's music

you know what? EVERYTHING novadays suck. Music, TV shows, Movies just everything got cheaper and they are based on one simple formula. They all became same, open the radio and listen to the songs. %90 of them have the same beat, same lyrics on difrent order. For me music should feed your soul, create some vibes in you. But what we listen now is definetly not original faaaar away from creativity plus it makes us forget about real life, by creating a fantasy world. Seriously people how many of you can party everyday, can live a super fast life not thinking about how to survive in this world we living in?

Darren Schumaker says:

Oh Come on ...

What the hell are you talking about Adam, your a fucking moron. Todays music sucks and is all about mass marketing douchey gangster themes to the youth and out for the sole purpose of profit. Hip hop and rap sucks, and its not music, its douche bags who think their hot shit who filter their voices to the point that its not even original. Seriously, what happened to good old instruments and vocal talent. I admit there are some real bands out their today, but most aren’t know because the average teen with no real sense of music will choose the fake hip hop singer over true talent. And about the radio shit, yes he’s talking about the radio, but he’s taking about the MUSIC on the radio, not the commercials you fucking dip shit. Music now sucks dick like you, back in the early 80-60s true musicians existed and people with real musical taste

Kylie Hoeke says:

Music today totally sucks

Yes music today is garbage. No ifs, ands or buts about it. All of today’s music sounds exactly the same and none of the so-called entertainers (I refuse to call them artists because they are not!) can even sing. They use autotune to make it look like they could sing but if you take that away, they sound like total garbage. The state of music today is dismal. This is why people download music now instead of purchasing it and it’s a shame. People are sick of the crap that is force fed down their throats everyday. Whatever happened to the days when music took talent? Whatever happened to the passion, the soul, the melody, the effort? Whatever happened to musicians that actually played instruments, not using studio equipment to make it seem like you have talent? All this crap I hear on the radio and TV is completely soulless and just made for a quick buck. I don’t even listen to the radio, it’s repetitive and plays the same 15 songs all day long, all censored . All of the radio stations in my city are either Spanish or rap stations. If you were wondering, I am a 17 year old girl who loves classic rock, classic punk and classic metal and is sick of the crap that passes for music these days.

Bill says:

The title of this thread says it all

Im a little late to the discussion but I think I can add something to validate the OPs argument. I was born in 1982 and cut my teeth on the alternative and grunge sceen. Im also in grad school and, as through being a teachers assistant and internships im around a lot of kids born in the very late 80s and early 90s. During their preteen (when you start listening to music on your own) and tenn years they were surrounded by all that nu-rock post grunge crap the radio spews out.

Now normally you think that they would prefer the music from their own generation. However, I have overwhelmingly found that these kids listen to the same bands as I did a decade earlier. They wear pearl jam shirts, talk about sound garden, old weezer, and all that stuff.

So i think they realize that the music today is far, far worse than any of the corporate cookie cutter trash we complained about during our hayday. I have no idea how this nickelback type junk is popular because almost every kid I met wishes they were around for 1995.

Peace and love.

Michel LeGrisbi (user link) says:

today's music leaves hickeys....my positive spin

I can’t really say if today’s music sucks because we are at a point where there is so much it’s impossible to keep track. Overall pop music, yeah, worthless. But dig deeper & take the time to find music & you’ll be rewarded.

The music industry is in worse shape now as I write this than when this thread was started! Anybody can create a song and distribute it. That means a lot more music made with less effort and reward. So those who have put the time in think “what’s the point” if they can’t make a living from it. How much is a label going to invest in a product that is easily “shared”?

Still, I have have trouble writing of music as a whole because those who really love music will make albums they want to be proud of & I’m really enjoying “Cosmogramma”!

Aren says:

@ Adam

I strongly suggest you learn to play a musical insturment before making claims like that, any kid who is a decent guitar player can tell you that all the challenging songs are strictly songs that came before 1990, I grew into a teenager thinking I hated music with stuff like the backstreet boys and britanny spears being force fed to my generation, now that I’m 20 I know almost all of good music died in the 90s, one thing I have noticed is that the musicians have been pushed out of the picture, it seems like it’s all about getting some singer, making them as sexy as possible, and pushing them out on stage to shake their ass.

When you look at music before 1990 you could recognize many of the songs by their diverse melodies and many of the singers played guitar or had a close relationship to their band, now it seems like 90% of our school’s population just wants to sing and is quite frankly lacking in all musical ability other than singing. The way things are now, you couldnt identify anyone in a band other than the singer, look at music groups such as lady gaga, hannah montana, taylor swift. I bet most of you couldn’t indentify anyone in these “bands” other than the singers.

I suppose we can’t have everything, we have so many gadgets and cool online video games these days that we should focus on what is good, but if you know that the quality of music has died as I do then boycot the industry, do not buy anymore music until they clean up their act, I know I won’t be buying any until then.

Unamused at the youth's misconception of music man says:

Todays Music

You my friend are an idiot… How can you even compare the simplistic lyrics of modern songs with those of the past, the shamefully inserted computer instrumentals with the instrumentals of true artists? There is nothing of talent in repeated choruses of getting down or getting laid. Hip hop or pop is absolute garbage! Lets just hand the credentials to the computers and auto tuning. Maybe you and others like you will be happy when someday a computer song generator comes out with all your songs!

dave says:

Yep, today's music still sucks

I have never been much into music and that is because nothing good has come out during my generation, everything is just garbage rap lyrics and screaming like an idiot. No catchy beats or nothing. I do think the music from the 70’s, 80’s, etc. was much better from every genre. There were better melodys, the songs were catchy. Modern music is killing music itself by throwing out trash instead of taking the time to write songs that everyone will enjoy. OF course being a teenager, many kids don’t share the same opinions as I do. I actually wish the old style of music never died out, but it did and it shows no sign of coming back.

doe says:

Sucky Crap Music

Someone earlier said that it’s ” time to invent a new genre, people.” Well, I guess it’s here. But it sucks. The thing is, the old genre, Rock N Roll, well, it Rocked.
I think music back then up into the 90s a bit, even, had the art of orchestra. The orchestras that the beatles had sounded kick a. Now orchestras in the background sounds like a keyboard.
There are no more fun songs either. Just fun laid back songs you can skat to.
Music was waaaaaaaaaaayyyyy diverse, I mean you don’t really have the crooning big band style of The Rat Pack today like you did then. Country really sounds a lot like hannah montanna’s songs today. And rock music has kinda turned into less rebel, more poser.
Anyway. The best stuff todya is still kinda bad, Train’s soul sister kinda does not make sense.
But I don’t know, thinking about the future, I’ll be 75 years old in 2064 the beatles will be 100 and I doubt that a whole bunch of anything older, Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, old stuff likePerry Como and Roy Rogers will be readily available at walmart. I guess, then, Ill just have to get by with and be old with just ok music and not awesome music.

penis, rape, and titties says:

popular music, where you have to “look” attractive for people to think you “sound” good. Isn’t that crazy?
Katy Perry for example, do you think she’d be famous if she had her voice, minus the huge rack?
Or Disney stars, who have to be attractive enough to be on TV to have a record deal.
WHen’s the last time you’ve heard a good ole rippin guitar solo on whatever radio station that claims to rock?
All the music today is just bells and whistles, all sounds the same, made on a computer, and inspired by money.
The only modern mainstream musician I think is still getting it done is Jack White, but that’s just my own opinion.
I hope this modern manufactured, shitty, autotuned, non-creative crap music dies out like disco or something.

AbortChrist (profile) says:

Music Sucks!!

I totally agree. What happened to bands that were GOOD, and actually put massive amounts of passion in the music? Nirvana, for example…..Kurt Cobain put more passion into his music that any other singer of a band put into. You could hear the eeriness of his voice and the trauma he has gone through. WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED?? Now it’s just these “record labels” spewing out shitty rat cum everywhere. I’ll give you an example, here’s some lyrics from a modern song by Creed

*Hello my friend we meet again

It’s been awhile where should we begin…feels like forever

Within my heart are memories
Of perfect love that you gave to me
I remember

When you are with me
I’m free…I’m Careless…I believe
Above all the others we’ll fly
This brings tears to my eyes
My sacrifice

We’ve seen our share of ups and downs Oh how quickly life can turn around in an instant
It feels so good to reunite
Within yourself and within your mind
Let’s find peace there

When you are with me
I’m free…I’m careless…I believe
Above all the others we’ll fly
This brings tears to my eyes
My sacrifice

I just want to say hello again….
i just want to say hello again….

When you are with me
I’m free…I’m careless…I believe
Above all the others we’ll fly
This brings tears to my eyes

Cause when u are with me
I’m free..i’m careless i believe
Above all the others will fly
This brings tears to my eyes
My sacrifice

My sacrifice

I just want to say hello again
I just want to say hello again

My sacrifice*

Personally this is a great example of how lyrics are generic and made for dumb Americans. OK, so here’s some Nirvana lyrics.

*What else should I be
All apologies
What else should I say
Everyone is gay
What else could I write
I don’t have the right
What else should I be
All apologies

In the sun
In the sun I feel as one
In the sun
In the sun
I’m married

I wish I was like you
Easily amused
Find my nest of salt
Everything is my fault
I’ll take all the blame
Aqua seafoam shame
Sunburn with freezerburn
Choking on the ashes of her enemy
All in all is all we are (x14)*

This is all apologies, one of the most beautifully crafted songs in the world. The two songs are polar opposites lyrically. I’m not sure why people like modern rock, it really sickens me.

AbortChrist (profile) says:

Music Sucks!! (cont.)

I didn’t realize that the song I put was made in 2001. Haha, here’s a more modern example.
I�m through with standing in line
to clubs we�ll never get in
It�s like the bottom of the ninth
and I�m never gonna win
This life hasn�t turned out
quite the way I want it to be

I want a brand new house
on an episode of Cribs
And a bathroom I can play baseball in
And a king size tub big enough
for ten plus me

I�ll need a credit card that�s got no limit
And a big black jet with a bedroom in it
Gonna join the mile high club
At thirty-seven thousand feet

I want a new tour bus full of old guitars
My own star on Hollywood Boulevard
Somewhere between Cher and
James Dean is fine for me

I�m gonna trade this life for fortune and fame
I�d even cut my hair and change my name

�Cause we all just wanna be big rockstars
And live in hilltop houses driving fifteen cars
The girls come easy and the drugs come cheap
We�ll all stay skinny �cause we just won�t eat
And we�ll hang out in the coolest bars
In the VIP with the movie stars
Every good gold digger�s
Gonna wind up there
Every Playboy bunny
With her bleach blond hair
Hey hey I wanna be a rockstar
Hey hey I wanna be a rockstar

I wanna be great like Elvis without the tassels
Hire eight body guards that love to beat up assholes
Sign a couple autographs
So I can eat my meals for free

I think I�m gonna dress my ass
with the latest fashion
Get a front door key to the Playboy mansion
Gonna date a centerfold that loves to
blow my money for me

I�m gonna trade this life
For fortune and fame
I�d even cut my hair
And change my name

�Cause we all just
wanna be big rockstars
And live in hilltop houses
driving fifteen cars
The girls come easy and
the drugs come cheap
We�ll all stay skinny
�cause we just won�t eat
And we�ll hang out in the coolest bars
In the VIP with the movie stars
Every good gold digger�s
gonna wind up there
Every Playboy bunny
with her bleach blond hair
And we�ll hide out in the private rooms
With the latest dictionary and
today�s who�s who
They�ll get you anything
with that evil smile
Everybody�s got a
drug dealer on speed dial
Hey hey I wanna be a rockstar
Hey hey I wanna be a rockstar

I�m gonna sing those songs
that offend the censors
Gonna pop my pills
from a pez dispenser
When they ask why I drink all day
I�ll say because I can

I�ll get washed-up singers writing all my songs
Lip sync em every night so I don�t get �em wrong
Then listen to the fans tell me how damn good I am

I�m gonna trade this life for fortune and fame
I�d even cut my hair and change my name

Cause we all just wanna be big rockstars
And live in hillltop houses driving fifteen cars
The girls come easy and the drugs come cheap
We�ll all stay skinny �cause we just won�t eat
And we�ll hang out in the coolest bars
In the VIP with the movie stars
Every good gold digger�s gonna wind up there
Every playboy bunny with her bleach blond hair
And we�ll hide out in the private rooms
With the latest dictionary and today�s who�s who
They�ll get you anything with that evil smile
Everybody�s got a drug dealer on speed dial
Hey hey I wanna be a rockstar
Hey hey I wanna be a rockstar


Leslie says:

I don’t believe what’s in this article. I’m sure there are other kids out there (like me) who agree that today’s music really sucks but all throughout my school, everyone loves that crap…Bieber, Lady Gaga, Ke$ha, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, whoever the hell is rapping these days, etc. I just don’t understand. I’m like the only kid in my school that likes stuff like Classic Rock, modern hard rock, and metal. Today’s singers just make up lyrics that don’t make sense and it becomes a hit.

Razgriz says:

Modern day music SUCKS

I am 14 and I believe that modern day music sucks.Its too clear(no imperfections,NO SOUL!!!)Classic Rock has soul. Pink Floyd,The who,rolling stones,Eric Clapton etc.I don’t listen to that Rap Crap. You ask me I want Techno. Heck No. Everybody is entitled their own opinion. but all I have to say to those people who are in love with rap, or techno or any of modern day crap. GET A F@#%&^% LIFE!!!!!!!

Anonymous Coward says:

Most music is crap. And it’s frustrating figuring out WHY people are still buzzing over it. I doubt these “artists” would feel compelled to “create” if there wasn’t a giant market for it. As I used it, “music” could be exchanged with any other commodity… Many of our choices are false (should I buy this garbage CD or the other garbage CD?)It requires some effort to learn about what you spend your money on (sellers don’t inform people of what they’re buying any more than they are legally required to, unless the information positively distinguishes them) and it’s easy not to care. You might say: but this is music! you actually listen to it, HEAR IT- can’t they tell it sucks? Some would say the same for Pop Tarts. And some people love them still on and on…

kiki (user link) says:


The last great musical act was either Janet Jackson or Mariah Carey, because both were competing for album sells in the 90’s and also were highly popular. I think were it all went wrong, when people actually listened to Britney Spears- and her sing-song singing. It just went down from there because first of all Britney’s voice is very thin. Like literally, she does even sing she talks in most of her music with the help of auto tune. I think that is where it went all down the drain. I am a 16 year old girl and to me Britney Spears is just a mixture of Janet and Madonna, a very sad mixture. I feel that music is even taking downward spiral look at the people we have today : kesha,justin beiber and lady gaga. it is just terrible because they all used gimmicks to get the attention they need in order to sell records. Personally i am janet jackson fan, but only to these 4 albums control, rythem nation,janet and velvet rope. The others are iffy to me. Im also mariah carey fan, but i hate that she is trying to hard to be sexy it saddening because she has a gifted voice. i like music from the 50’s,60’s,70’s,80’s and 90’s and i also enjoy jazz. but music today is all about gimmicks and it is truly sad.

Mark Schurr says:

today's mainstream music is horrible

Main stream music today has no purpose other than to make money. Yes, money is great, but most of today solo artists and bands do not write their own lyrics or music and these bands / artists are formed by rich old white men who find cute young people with some talent and package most of their music to eight to 14 year old kids.

All main stream music today, be it country, rock, hip hop, rap, punk or mental sounds like which ever band is number one in the charts. If you take away the vocals of todays music, you could not tell the bands or artists apart. Pop country has its one sound as does all the other genres of main stream music.

Thank the powers that be that bands like AC/DC, The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith and Rush still exist. The only 70’s bands that perform and sell out areana’s on a regular basis still. Anything else that is mainstream is just soulless crap. Mark Schurr

Forbes, Charles says:


I totally agree todays lyrics do not come from the heart and soul “JUSTIN BIEBER” is a straight up fag once he hits puberty he wont sing any more. three days grace used to be good but there latest 2 albums suck ass!! its all fake and not real, singers and bands who cant write there own lyrics from true expierence suck and i sure as hell know i can cause i do my first album which is a demo called mirrors with three songs on it from a recording studio where i recorded for 60 dollars which is cheap as hell has sold by now around 60 to 100 cd’s in the past month my music is true and are from true life expierences and storys. linkin park used to be kick ass before they went soft like little bitches there hybrid and meteora covers were kick ass love them but not so much now the music i make is my ups and downs in life and i can not wait till one day i make it …….

Forbes, Charles says:


I totally agree todays lyrics do not come from the heart and soul “JUSTIN BIEBER” is a straight up fag once he hits puberty he wont sing any more. three days grace used to be good but there latest 2 albums suck ass!! its all fake and not real, singers and bands who cant write there own lyrics from true expierence suck and i sure as hell know i can cause i do my first album which is a demo called mirrors with three songs on it from a recording studio where i recorded for 60 dollars which is cheap as hell has sold by now around 60 to 100 cd’s in the past month my music is true and are from true life expierences and storys. linkin park used to be kick ass before they went soft like little bitches there hybrid and meteora covers were kick ass love them but not so much now the music i make is my ups and downs in life and i can not wait till one day i make it …….

JB (user link) says:

3rd post!

Well, I’m back! LOl. 3rd post here since 2007 and I do see music changing slowly! Lady Gaga and Bruno Mars are cool. (but not super in my book)Mtv anounced they are going back to playing videos? That’s what I hear. I’m kind of perminatly pissed at them though for ruining the whole music scene. Azzholes! Most people here make a good point, some haven’t a clue. I still claim Nirvana as the last great band and I even hate grunge! But Kurt was the real deal! I don’t like music after 1994. It just got plain retarded. These 90’s leftovers just love to bash the 80’s. Why? Can somebody explain that? The 80’s were awesome, yes there was some cheese, but it was fun cheese lol. I see nothing FUN about anything after 94. Actually it’s depressing! 3 chord ditys about heroin and death doesn’t do it for me. You guys suck! No vision what so ever! Anyway, I think Kirt was so great because he had issues growing up. What do kids today have issues about? Their x-box braking? LMAO! Or having to actually walk to school once? You can have it only so easy before it starts to effect your brain. Brittny sprears is the perfect example of this. Dipshit.
I like Elvis To Extreme and everything inbetween! That’s my quote and I am sticking with that. Lets get back to great musicianship because we’ve all had enough!

ThatFatGuy says:


I find music to be lovely. However, i don’t find taylor swift, justin bieber, beyonce, lady gaga, rihanna to be that GOOD. I could take?all of their songs apart and find shit. lady gaga is VERY talented though. Does she use the talent? sometimes. In her songs? No. Rap isn’t shit by the way. There is some beautiful or jusr right out fun rap artists and songs out there. Eminems first album was great. his later stuff is just annoying and unoriginal.

15 year old says:

Oh Come on ...

im not challenging your statement or philosophy i just couldnt find another way to post. Anyway, i am 15 and i have heard a variety of music whether it be dave mathews, creedence clearwater revival or justin bieber. But while im only fifteen i can honestly say that i do not enjoy most modern music. Mostly because it sounds like nobody puts their heart in their music anymore. That and the fact that most of the music today involves sex, drugs, horrible language or violence. It seems that every time lady gaga sings she strips down and she has little to no talent. Music has also shifted from happy to sad or angry. The only music that i can listen to and not become emotionally distressed or otherwise saddened or having the feeling of invincibility from listening to heavy metal crap, is classic rock and classic country. I can actually listen to the beatles and not have my eardrums dulled out before im sixteen. I regularly hear other students ipods from across the room so i have to listen to the same crap that they do. So in the question “is modern music terrible?” The only answers that you will get are opinions, and my opinion is firm, most modern music is annoying and sucks.

The Truth says:


Talent is no longer required. All you have to be is crass lewd and appeal to the lowest common denominator.In today’s music this includes Rap, Hip-Hop,Formulaic Country, Pop, Alternative, Rock. ever notice how the themes of EVERY SINGLE ONE of the genres mentioned is the same unto itself. ALL the rap artists sound the same as do ALL the others. And you people eat it up. Idiots one and all.

onetruefan says:

you dont write songs with a pen

as soon as you require musicianship (whats missing in todays music)

the field becomes a lot less full

you get rid of all these “singers” who think they gotta song everytime they spew out some stupidity on paper that they can convice couple of people to play background crap to

music without instruments playing in the foreground sucks and its easy, thats why you gotta million singers with pointless bands

onetruefan says:

you dont write songs with a pen

the primary reason why rock sucks now is because they are trying to do solos n riffs based on blues, and blues sucks allways has allways will

listen to riffs n solos by bands like soundgarden, nirvana was that they were using dissonance

and if you dont know what dissonance is then you dont deserve good music

only 12 year old girls like consonance

music is great (user link) says:

damn huge difference

a year or so back I listened to mainstream junk on the radio. then my friend introduced me to more of the beatles. damn I was missing out on good shit. so I went looking around and found some more great bands like the rolling stones, led Zeppelin, others.. from that moment on the radio pissed me off and I absolutely hate most modern music. older music is just so much better. and the lyrics aren’t just rape sex drugs profanity.. other dumb crap. anybody got suggestions for other great bands???? it’s like my addiction now

Jordan says:

Modern Mainstream Sucks Ass

I think most people who can think for themselves will agree that todays mainstream hiphop/pop/rap sucks. I have never really looked in to “real rap”, so i cant say anything about that. But modern metal IS very good, nothing gets you more jacked than a good low breakdown! But when I was growing up (im 18 now) i only listened to oldies after i heard a led zep song on the radio, and i can honestly say that i have not heard any modern music that is as.. i cant even think of a word. good? Personally i cant stand “indie” music. For some reason a lot of the new bands are just huge pussies who whine about girls and shit. They gotta chill