Bill Gates Tries To Pop Mini Bubble

from the all-the-money-should-just-go-straight-to-Redmond dept

Trying to make sure that too much money doesn’t go to startups instead of Microsoft, Bill Gates has pointed out that he believes we’re back in a “mini-bubble” for internet companies, but that it won’t get nearly as crazy as it did a few years ago. That’s good, because if it did, Microsoft would have to pay a lot more for all the companies they buy each time they miss a new market.

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Comments on “Bill Gates Tries To Pop Mini Bubble”

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Richard Russell says:

"Evertime MS misses a market"

What, you expect every company never to “miss” a market? Dude, folks startup companies so they will be bought be big companies like MS, Cisco, IBM, Novell, etc. etc. It happens all the time! Has MS missed markets? Duh- of course. Has your favorit-cool-company-of-the-day? Of course.

What’s your point again?


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