DotComGuy Ditching The DotCom Name

from the uh...-took-him-long-enough dept

In 1999, we wrote about the DotComGuy – a guy who legally changed his name to DotComGuy and rounded up a bunch of sponsors who would pay him to live all of the year 2000 in his house, supported by the internet. He set up a website, and kept everyone up-to-date on how living off the internet worked out. Of course, in 2000, the dot com bubble collapsed, and people got tired of publicity stunts – so after the initial burst of publicity, it didn’t hold much interest. When he finally left the house in 2001 he said he was going to change his name back to whatever it was before – but it looks like that didn’t happen. Now, however, he claims he’s really changing his name back, and will hopefully get it off his driver’s license, passport and marriage license. The other odd part of the story, though, is that when we reported on him leaving the house in early 2001, he said he was getting ready to marry someone he met in the DotComGuy chat room. However, this article, says he met his wife online late in 2001 (well after the story came out) – and that she didn’t know he was DotComGuy until after they met in person.

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