AMD To Offer Free Hotspots?

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While Intel has spent a ton of money promoting the “Centrino” brand, and trying to have it overshadow the WiFi brand for wireless, it appears that AMD is going to fight back. They’ve been quietly rolling out a network of free hotspots. Actually, it sounds like they’ve simply been partnering with locations that are offering free hotspots, and getting them to display an AMD logo. This is something of a sneaky way to undermine Intel’s “Centrino compatible” marketing campaign, where they had hotspots posting stickers about Centrino. Of course, I still wonder how many people really care if the the hotspot works with Centrino or AMD or if it just works (and is free).

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Comments on “AMD To Offer Free Hotspots?”

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1 Comment
BoilerBob says:

Non-tech people care

Non-tech people care because Intel’s marketing told them to care. Actually my neighbor, after hearing me say I setup a WIFI access point in my house said “Do I need a new Centrino notebook to connect?”. He’s a fairly smart person so it’s a case of the only tech material he sees is the Intel ads. And Intel wants to sell a $1000 new notebook not a $30 WIFI card.

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