Will Spam Lawsuits Make A Difference?

from the good-question dept

Following the big story from yesterday about the big spam lawsuits filed by all the major ISPs, some people are wondering what impact this will really have on spammers. Since spammers have become more sophisticated, they wonder if this will just drive them further underground (imitating the RIAA lawsuit results). Some also wonder if the lawsuits are actually against any of the big time spammers – or just against small time players or the worker bees of the big timers. I’d guess that they named a few bigger time spammers, but I doubt it will do much to actually stop the spam. Some of the spammers probably will be very difficult to track down, and if they are somehow stopped, others will quickly fill their shoes.

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Comments on “Will Spam Lawsuits Make A Difference?”

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Anonymous Coward says:

My thoughts exactly.

I saw on Anandtech that people were getting very excited over this, but I just kept on thinking “this will do nothing, it didn’t in Britain/Europe”.

It will either mean spammers will have to use more open relays in Asia or write more trojans to send mail via Windoze users with DSL (who Comcast will then cut off for spamming!)

Are any of these lawsuits against Railsky (see slashdot.org if you don’t know him)?

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