Toymakers Spin Stories On The Web

from the imagination-is-so-last-millennium dept

Apparently things like imagination are too much trouble for today’s kids. In an effort to get kids more addicted to various toys and dolls this year, toymakers are trying to bring kids to their websites by providing additional story lines to go with the dolls (and to encourage the kids to beg mommy and daddy to buy more toy accessories to keep up). And I had thought the point of dolls was for kids to use their imaginations to come up with their own stories. There’s nothing wrong with using the web to promote the toys, but wouldn’t it be nicer if used in ways to make them interactive, and encourage the kids to come up with their own stories.

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Comments on “Toymakers Spin Stories On The Web”

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Dr. Don Blake says:

Toy Story is as old as time

Toy companies always did this. My G.I. Joe or Capt. Action dolls often had pamphlets in the products that had a comic or photo story line that used all the action escape vehicles and accessories the company was selling. This is just a case of using the web instead of pamplets or comic book ads. Maj. Matt Mason always had comic book ads that had him falling in a lunar hole and he needed a Mattel crane or handy space device to get out. You usually always point out to people that the web is just another tool to do old school things, and this is just another case. Some little girls I know (relatives) really seem to love the MyScene and other funky girl toy sites out there, but they only buy Polly Pockets. Trust kids to know what they like, they’re not as dumb as you think.
Look how they all turned on Britney 😉

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