The Car That Gives You Automatic Speeding Tickets

from the aka-the-unsellable-car dept

Well, it’s clearly a bit of a gimmick, but Toyota is now showing off a “concept car” that uses typical SIM cards (like in most mobile phones) instead of keys to let drivers into the car. There are some nice features that go along with this, and one feature that pretty much guarantees no one would buy it. On the nice side, such a SIM card would let the car adjust everything (such as driving seat position and radio stations) to the particular driver. It could even adjust the power of the car, to make it so less experienced drivers couldn’t push the car too hard. Another possibility would be to have the license plate change depending on who was driving. However, the one feature that will guarantee that the car will never be sold is that it would communicate directly with speed cameras and charge your credit card for any speeding tickets immediately. Considering the number of speed camera screwups reported in the press over the past few months, this probably won’t excite too many people. Of course, chances are it’s just a gimmick to get Toyota a little extra attention. It appears to have worked.

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