Schlotzsky's Continues Their Free WiFi Push

from the they-seem-to-really-like-it dept

Schlotzsky’s has been the poster child for putting free WiFi access in their restaurants, and their latest announcement continues to support that decision, as they say they’ve found that 40% of their customers cite the free WiFi as a factor in deciding to go to Schlotzsky’s to eat, while 6% say it was the key factor. While we’ve been a big fan of this model (offering free WiFi to get more customers), 40% sounds like an awfully large number. Considering the number of folks you see using free WiFi at many locations, even here in Silicon Valley, I’d be amazed if 40% of all customers at Schlotzsky’s were aware of the WiFi, so I’m curious how they measured this. In the meantime, this program has clearly been a success for Schlotzsky’s, and I’m surprised that other large chains haven’t followed with similar plans. It seems that too many of the for-fee WiFi guys are running around telling these chains just how much direct revenue they’re going to get by becoming an ISP, and neglecting all the potential indirect revenue from new guests (or guests who come during off-peak hours).

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Comments on “Schlotzsky's Continues Their Free WiFi Push”

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LittleW0lf says:


Isn’t Quiznos doing the same? I see an open access point near the Quiznos I drive by frequently, right next to the Starbucks with their T-Mobile wifi that they charge something like $49 a month for. Of course, I’ve never stopped to use the AP, though I eat there all the time. I have never seen the need to use the AP unless I am at a 2600 meeting or somewhere with other computer folks talking about computer stuff, and there aren’t any Quiznos or Schlotzsky’s (they only offer this in Texas anyway) in the area.

Zooc@t says:

Schlotsky's isn't alone

Another deli sandwich chain in my area of Texas, McAlister’s Deli, has now started rolling out wifi trials in some stores, starting with the one in Waco, just off the interstate. If more and more restaurants pick this up, maybe my geekish dream of having 24/7 access will be fulfilled sooner that I could have hoped. 🙂

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