Bed, Bath, Beyond And Microsoft

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Maybe Microsoft really is trying to leverage their tech successes into other markets. A few weeks back we were confused by Microsoft’s anger over a pillow company that had trademarked “Microsoft” for one of their products. Perhaps the reason for the anger is that Microsoft is getting into the pillow business in Japan. They’re jumping on the “hugging pillow” craze (I won’t describe it here) in an attempt to boost sales for the Xbox. That’s right, they’ll be selling a big pillow with a life-size image of a character from one of their games. They’re not just focusing on the bedroom however. aNonMooseCowherd writes “Some years ago, someone wrote a satirical article about Microsoft “Food for Windows” and the “Windows Open Kitchen Architecture”. Maybe Microsoft took this seriously: they just announced the Microsoft Kitchen.” Combine all of this with last year’s iLoo, and suddenly Microsoft looks set to compete with Bed, Bath and Beyond.

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