Online Music Moves Beyond Cloning The CD Model

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DV Henkel-Wallace writes “I originally saw this on MacSlash: “Today I put together different mixes from the new band Damage Plan (formerly Pantera) to be sold on iTunes. The neat thing is each track has the song without certain instruments. Track one is without vocals, track 2 is without drums, track 3 is without guitars, etc… They did this so their young aspiring rock star fans can add their own instruments and play along with the tracks. I thought this was a pretty neat idea. I see lots of downloads ahead.” Basically the combination of home recording tools like GarageBand and online music sales allows people to offer music in ways previously not possible. The closest thing to this is Karaoke. But in this case he’s changed all the dimensions. The next step is to provide the raw GarageBand project and let people go wild!” Once again, musicians are realizing that all sorts of new opportunities present themselves when you go digital.

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