What's Wrong With 3G?

An interesting editorial over at InfoSync predicting why 3G won’t catch on, claiming that the only real advantage is video messaging and video calls – two things that have very limited usefulness. While I agree that video messaging and video calls aren’t a huge draw, those aren’t the only benefits of having a true 3G system set up. While there are glitches, and it’s been severely overhyped, like many other technologies (WAP? Bluetooth?) it’ll catch on just fine in time. It’s become pretty common to realize that where there’s bandwidth, applications and services show up to fill the void. I have no fear that creative individuals and companies will figure out ways to make 3G absolutely worthwhile. It just won’t be the overnight phenomenon that everyone always expects to happen. Derek adds: Infosync is sadly unaware of the full range of 3G’s value proposition. 3G offers much more than just faster data: 3G networks are more efficient for carrying voice, cramming far more calls through the same slice of bandwidth as 2G. 3G also uses VoIP and SIP to reduce infrastructure and switching costs. To say that 3G is essentially video conferencing and messaging verges on ignorant. Techdirt has not been shy about slamming Hutchison’s “3”, but we do believe in 3G’s eventual rise, whether UMTS or CDMA2000. IN GSM countries over the next few years, we espouse the “ocean of EDGE, islands of 3G” theory, with the islands slowly growing.

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