Don't Wardrive Or Warchalk In Singapore

Singapore is known for being very strict in enforcing all of their laws with somewhat extreme penalties (see: Disneyland with the Death Penality for more info). For years, people would talk about how it was illegal to chew gum there, for fear of chewing gum messing up the city (though, I’ve heard that law has been relaxed recently). Still, in such a law-and-order state, I can understand that they might frown upon actions like war-driving and war-chalking. However, the punishments still seem a bit extreme. Found over at WiFi Networking News is the story that quotes a lawyer pointing out that war-chalking and war-driving can lead to fines, imprisonment and caning. War-driving is a problem, as it apparently violates both their Computer Misuse Act and the Telecommunications Act. War-chalking runs into the problem of being considered vandalism – and Singapore does not look kindly on vandalism.

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