AOL Hoping To Staunch The Bleeding With Superbowl Commercials

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Remember the days when AOL would come out with a press release every other month or so talking about how they’d just signed up another million users? Those days are long gone. Recently, AOL has been losing customers left and right, and they don’t seem quite so interested in putting out press releases marking the downward milestones. Still, it’s a bit shocking to see an AOL VP admit that the company has basically given up the idea of signing up new customers. An article talking about this weekend’s Super Bowl ads quotes an AOL VP saying: “We’re not concerned about getting new members. We’re making sure the people we’re serving aren’t interested in getting anybody else.” In other words, we’re spending millions of advertising dollars just to try to convince our customers we’re really not that bad. Ouch.

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Comments on “AOL Hoping To Staunch The Bleeding With Superbowl Commercials”

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1 Comment
drteknikal (profile) says:

Corel tried this, worked pitifully

Whenever I see a company state that they’re no longer trying to attract new customers, just trying to keep their old customers from leaving, it’s obvious they’re in decline. Corel tried this with WordPerfect, and had to settle for a cash infusion from Microsoft with attendant poison pill instead.

When you’re already going over the cliff, why not try to fly?

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