The Cable Guy As Your Wireless Guru

The dirty little secret of the WiFi business is that it’s really not as easy as they’d have you believe to set up your own home WiFi network. The number of stories of people who had to call up their neighbor’s geeky son and have him help out could fill quite a library, I’m sure. Now, it seems that the various broadband providers have finally figured this out, and many of them are now offering to set up your own home WiFi network as well. Of course, at this point, it’s somewhat pricey – the various providers all seem to all want to charge an extra $10-$15/month with set-up fees ranging from $50 to $300 for helping you set up your network once. While I can understand the setup fees (it takes someone time to get these things set up), it’s a little confusing how they can justify an extra $15 a month for letting you use your own wireless network.

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