Netflix And TiVo? Perfect Together

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A long, but interesting, look at Netflix’s business. The article points out, accurately, that Netflix is going to be a strong competitor for any online “video on demand” outfit – as they basically are a video on demand outfit that just takes a bit longer to deliver – but comes with much more freedom for the end user. However, the company clearly realizes that their biggest threat doesn’t appear to be the recent copycat attempts by folks like Wal-Mart and Blockbuster, but the future of video on demand. Unlike most companies that miss the boat on disruptive technologies, Netflix is already trying to figure out how they’ll compete in that space as the technology gets better. They haven’t given up much in the way of details, but are working on tests of video on demand systems they can offer as an option – allowing for a gradual transition when (if!) people want their movies delivered over the internet. At the end, the article makes one interesting prediction: Netflix and TiVo should team up to offer some sort of combined solution. The article doesn’t specifically discuss what that solution should be, but it could make a lot of sense. Offering up an easy way to “download” the video of your choice to your TiVo could be fairly compelling.

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Comments on “Netflix And TiVo? Perfect Together”

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1 Comment
Joe Baderderm says:

NetVo? TiFlix?

Kind of an interesting proposition. I attended a marketing panel that had marketing execs from TiVo and NetFlix (the other panelist was from EA), and though they did not directly address the issue, it was pretty obvious that they were in competition with each other. I also thought that Wal-Mart would be able to come in and price out NetFlix and leverage their technological and capital muscle to take over the category. NetFlix seems to have taken the challenge head on. With dish networks now making DVR’s standard, it will be interesting to watch what happens with TiVo.

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