VoIP And Regulation

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Two different looks at what’s happening in the VoIP world. An analyst at Frost & Sullivan says that, despite all the negative press paid to the Telecom Act of 1996, it’s created the competitive environment necessary to push widespread VoIP adoption. He also gives plenty of credit (as he should) to Vonage for proving the case for VoIP – though, he believes they’re going to have a hard time beating the larger players. It’s quite possible, though, that someone will buy them out. In another article, a lawyer hits back against the claims that VoIP shouldn’t be regulated by pointing out that the internet has always been regulated. I think he’s using an apples and oranges comparison though – comparing the internet today with the internet in the early days. Of course, that’s not what people are talking about when they talk about how an unregulated internet became successful.

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Comments on “VoIP And Regulation”

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1 Comment
Anonymous Coward says:

What kind of Regulation?

While the article claims that ?the Internet has always been accompanied by some sort of government regulation? it does not provide any examples to support that argument. Perhaps Mr. Trope is referring to technical protocols as ?regulation?. If so, then that is a far different kind of ?regulation? than that which is backuped-up by federal force.

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