Let Your Virtual You Try On Clothes

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It’s been almost five years since Levi’s opened a store where they asked customers to give them all sorts of personal info, which Levi’s would then use to create “customized” offers for you. Of course, this required you to tell Levi’s all your various measurements – which many people didn’t feel comfortable doing. Now, however, folks at Toshiba are finally looking to go further. They’re creating a system that can create a real-time 3D avatar of yourself. The idea is that, instead of trying on clothes, you just let this system scan you, and it will then present the virtual you on a screen and you can have it try on various clothes to see how you look. To be honest, I hadn’t realized the process of actually trying on clothes was that difficult. I’d also wonder about the system, since the stores offering it would have plenty of incentive to make clothes look better on you on the screen than in real life. Besides, I would think it’s pretty difficult to accurate show how clothing would look on someone. The reason we have try-on rooms is that just holding up a shirt against you doesn’t necessarily show how it really looks on you. A computerized model isn’t necessarily going to be able to do much better. The one area where this might be interesting is for online sales (though, you’d have to be scanned somewhere else first). I’m pretty sure others are trying out similar systems – but usually they involve just typing in basic measurements.

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Comments on “Let Your Virtual You Try On Clothes”

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Peter B. Randolph says:

the business case

I met with several outfits (no pun intended) looking to produce this type of “body scanner” while working for a VC, and several retail stores have put them into production. Saks in NYC, for one.

The more interesting model, in my opinion, is the neutral third party body scanning company. A couple firms were getting sizing data from clothing manufacturers, and then matching that up with your body scan. The idea being (or so my wife tells me) that you could be a size 8 at Ann Taylor, but a size 10 at The Gap.
Helpful when shopping in the store, but moreso while shopping online….

Roland Piquepaille (user link) says:

The software behind the scenes

The software behind this Toshiba 3-D simulator is now under development at Osaka-based Digital Fashion. You can check my blog for images coming from a version of one of their current software. They represent a virtual model trying different clothes and accessories adapted to different backgrounds. You also can download movies at this Digital Fashion gallery.

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