Why Compare WiFi To Dialup?

An odd local news article (found over at WISP directory) about how folks in more rural parts of Pennsylvania haven’t jumped on the whole WiFi bandwagon yet. The problem is that the article seems to confuse WiFi with internet access. Throughout the article they compare WiFi to dialup, even comparing the speeds of the two. The real issue that they’re discussing is that most people don’t have broadband (cable or DSL or whatever) connections and, therefore, have less of a need for WiFi. However, the article seems to suggest that WiFi, by itself, is all you need for broadband. In fact, there’s even one point in the article where they point out that WiFi is faster than DSL – which is pointless, since most WiFi connections use something like DSL for the backhaul. It’s good to hear that news stories about WiFi aren’t just hitting urban areas, but this article is painting the wrong picture for people.

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