The $200 Movie At Sundance

from the price-to-make,-not-price-of-ticket dept

Think that the world of content creation is changing? We’ve already made it incredibly cheap and easy for anyone to publish. It’s getting much cheaper and easier for anyone to create music, and now we’re hitting the point where even making feature-length movies is extraordinarily cheap. Here’s the story of a guy who created a feature length movie on his iMac using iMovie for $218.32, which is apparently good enough to be shown at Sundance, with the backing of Gus Van Sant. While some will complain that all this will do (as we’ve seen in other content industries) is make it much easier for a lot of bad content to clutter the market, it also opens up plenty of new opportunities for creative filmmakers who would never have a chance to make a movie otherwise. The real issue, going forward, is not going to be about the amount of content, but how to filter through the various movies to find the ones that you would like. This means, that we should expect more movies that aren’t designed mostly for the lowest common denominator audience – but which find their own small, though welcoming, niche audiences.

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