Oscar Screener Copy Found Online… But How?

from the bad-reporting dept

The whole mess over Jack Valenti’s decision to ban screener DVDs (later blocked by a judge) is about to get even messier. An Associated Press report out this morning is trumpeting the fact that, now that screeners have been allowed again, one of them “surfaced on the internet”. Of course, in a stunning display of bad reporting, they don’t explain what they mean by “surfaced on the internet”. Is the movie available for download? Is it for sale on eBay? Is it for sale via PayPal on someone’s own page? The article doesn’t say. They just use the entire article, which looks to be planted by the MPAA, to blame the fact that screeners were forced on the industry for letting yet another movie get “online”. They even know exactly who put the copy online – though, again, they don’t explain how. It’s a 69 year-old actor that the industry is now likely to sue. Meanwhile, the movie in question, “Something’s Gotta Give,” is doing quite well at the box office – suggesting that this hasn’t exactly impacted sales. Update: Reuters has now written up their report and they claim that the movie was available for download, but still don’t give many details. This still smells like a planted story to support the notion that screeners should be banned.

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