Legal Issues

by Mike Masnick

Judge Tells Valenti To Allow DVD Screeners

from the so-sorry dept

Well, the latest word in Jack Valenti's effort to ban studios from sending DVD screeners to awards voters is that, sorry, but it's not the MPAA's call. A judge has said that the studios can not be blocked from sending screeners if they want to. This means that independent studios can still send out the screeners, though, I imagine it could lead to some backlash in relationships they hold with the major studios. Meanwhile, Jack Valenti says that the MPAA is going to appeal. Am I the only one who's a little confused about this one? If a studio wants to send out a DVD to the award voters, what's to stop them legally, no matter what Valenti says? The real threat is that they'll be somehow blackballed by Hollywood - and that's going to happen no matter what the courts say.

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