Not All Venture Money Chasing Me Too Plays

from the but-will-they-make-any-money? dept

While conventional wisdom is that venture capital moves in a sheep-like herd, all investing in similar “hot” space, not all deals fit those criteria. The latest venture capital study of VC investments in 2003 turned up a number of investments that are considered “odd”, in that they’re certainly not in areas where you see VCs shoving each other aside to get in on the deal. This includes the makers of “hybrid” metal/wood baseball bats and a company that makes energy efficient traffic lights, with security cameras hidden inside. Of course, if you look at the numbers of these deals, they all tend to be pretty small bets, so you have to wonder if there’s something more to the deal. The article also doesn’t identify who the VC was who invested in these deals – and my guess is that they’re not done by any of the bigger name VCs, but rather smaller niche market VCs.

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