Scam Within A Scam Warning

from the what-better-way-to-do-some-social-engineering dept

There have been a ton of warnings about so-called “phishing” spam scams – where a very realistic email from a well-known financial firm asks you to confirm the details of your account. Of course, the email isn’t real and the scammers just want your account details. They go through all sorts of tricks to hide the fact that the email isn’t real, but the latest such phishing scam uses a bit of social engineering. It warns people about such scams, and then says they need to fill out new information to avoid being taken by such a scam. It seems the scammers are trying to get increasingly clever, and it’s an interesting social engineering trick to try to get people to let down their guard by first warning them about a scam – and then scamming them anyway.

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