Is It Time To Click The Vote?

from the influencing-the-pols dept

Throughout the various Congressional discussions, it’s been clear that the vast majority of politicians either don’t understand the real issues involved with file sharing networks or they’ve simply been receiving too much money from the entertainment industry to care (or, possibly, both). While the various P2P networks have started up lobbying efforts to have a more open discourse with politicians, that still might not work. However, if a large number of folks who vote for those politicians happen to contact their elected officials and let them know the real issues involved with file sharing, politicians might be forced to open their minds a little bit. At least, that appears to be the idea behind the new “Click the Vote” grassroots campaign that some are trying to organize. It will be interesting to see how this works out. They’re hoping to put together a group of people powerful enough to impact opinion. It may be tough, and they’ll have to be ready to respond to claims from the entertainment industry that they’re “just a bunch of thieves.” I’m hopeful, though. It’s at least worth a shot.

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