US And Canada Agree To Regulate Cross Border Internet Drug Sales

from the does-this-mean-anything? dept

Maybe I’m missing the fine print, but the deal announced between the US and Canada about cross border drug regulation, doesn’t seem to actually say anything. The US government (at the urging of the US pharmaceutical industry) has been upset that more and more US citizens are ordering drugs from Canada – where they’re much much cheaper. There have been some calls to block Canadian drug sales, while some US states have been specifically talking about actively importing Canadian drugs for their citizens. The new agreement to cross regulate doesn’t seem to be about whether or not online Canadian pharmacies can sell in the US – but just about whether or not those drugs are safe. Drugs are already regulated for safety in both countries, so this is unlikely to change much. If anything, though, it is a foot in the door to further regulation preventing the sale of cheap drugs in the US.

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