Grassroots GPS In Asia

from the 1M-monkeys-with-1M-GPS-devices-or-typewriters... dept

Previously we’ve posted about how online mappers get street info together by just driving around and how Geeplogs could put GPS data online. It was only a matter of time before two guys would just drive around and put all their GPS Point-of-Interest (POI) data out for free. The catch: those two guys started their GPS map in Malaysia and Singapore. These guys need to get together with the wikitravel project…

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Comments on “Grassroots GPS In Asia”

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1 Comment
Evan Prodromou (user link) says:

GPS data in Wikitravel

Yeah, we’ve talked about putting GPS data into Wikitravel. It’s kinda specialized information, not for everybody — but it could definitely be useful.

For me, when I’m looking for a hotel to sleep in in a new city, I tend to look for street addresses rather than tromping through buildings and across freeways straight at a lat/long as the crow flies. But, y’know, there’s different ways to travel…

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