More Doom & Gloom Predictions For Number Portability

It seems like November 24th, 2003 is increasingly taking on a Y2K feel, as story after story after story is talking about how much of a mess it’s going to be when people first try to switch their mobile phone numbers. It’s tough to tell how much of these stories are carrier propaganda, from those who are trying to scare people away from switching, and how much is legitimate. Even if the fear is legitimate, it’s still possible that many of the problems aren’t necessary, but are caused by certain carriers who are purposely making the process annoying, in order to scare away people from switching. No matter what, everyone’s gearing up for November 24th. Large call centers are being trained to deal with number portability issues, and basically no one has any idea (a) how many people are actually going to switch on that first day or (b) how well the process will work. At least no one is heading off for reinforced bunkers in the mountains.

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