The Whole Concept Of Television Is Changing… Or Is It?

from the ain't-the-same dept

Television hasn’t really changed all that much over the past few decades, but a lot of things are happening in the space these days. People are increasingly interested in having a central digital hub in their homes that will store and manage both television programs, and their own created content. The article points to a study done by the Internet Home Alliance (who isn’t often shy about painting the picture they’d like to see for the future – which involves many of their member companies having lots of new products to sell). I don’t think it’s surprising that they found many people who claim they want a central digital video hub, but the actual implementation might not be so easy. Ignoring the whole broadcast flag issue, and how that might complicate this vision, such a device would need to work exceptionally well for it to gain traction. It’s a pretty complex system, but would need to be easy to set up and easy to use, while still offering the functionality that people want. It’s certainly possible, but it might take some time. At the same time, other studies are pointing out the fairly obvious fact that digital video recorders are going to change how television advertising works. Lots of people have been saying this for years, but the broadcast industry is finally coming to terms with it. Of course, they’ll probably end up going the route of the recording and movie industries and make life more difficult for people, instead of embracing the new technology. Meanwhile, the NY Times is reporting that Sprint PCS is going to let people watch streaming TV on their mobile phones. At 2 frames per second. Two… Frames… Per… Second… That’s not television. That’s a bunch of still images, on a one inch screen – and knowing most streaming technology, they will probably be pretty blocky still images. Did I mention that it will also cost $10/month? Seems like a limited upside on that one. I’ll probably have my home digital hub up and running before I’m watching TV on my mobile phone.

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