Ohio Pushing Law To Enforce Library Filters

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Apparently state politicians in Ohio are proposing a new law that would require libraries to use internet filters if they want to receive state money. Do the politicians in Ohio not realize that there’s already a similar federal law that the Supreme Court has upheld? In other words, isn’t this a bit redundant? More importantly, why isn’t it up to the library themselves to decide what’s appropriate for their patrons?

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Comments on “Ohio Pushing Law To Enforce Library Filters”

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Mark says:

"Do the politicians in Ohio not realize that there

If memory serves, that federal law refers only to federal money, so maybe Ohio wanted to make sure that state money was handled similarly. But in general you’re right–libraries should be directed by librarians, not by politicians, and those politicians are motivated solely by the urge to be seen as “tough on Internet pornography” or other sound-bite-sized issues of the day.

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