The New Internet-Based Courtship Rituals

from the virtual-courting-rituals dept

It’s not news that the internet is changing the way many people date, but this article suggests that it’s slowing down the courtship ritual, by making people talk a lot more (by email or phone) before they get into the actual “dating” part of dating. In fact, some studies are now suggesting that couples who meet via the internet often have stronger relationships, because they actually spend more time getting to know each other (though, they also point out that email conversations lead to both more honest and more dishonest claims).

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Comments on “The New Internet-Based Courtship Rituals”

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AMetamorphosis says:

Re: Re: Re: When will the first long-distance baby be born

Crack heads have been doing this since the beginning … of well, crack. Children ( sadly ) for many people are just another possession. Ever been to West Virginia ? @ least once a year I read an article about some trailer trash selling their children.

I think it was your wording of ” sperm packet ” that made me laugh 🙂

thecaptain says:

No Subject Given

It makes sense.

Meeting on the net forces 2 people (who are serious about wanting a relationship) to focus on the REAL people…not what they wear, what kind of car they have, what they look like etc. You spend time learning who a person really is…then if that image survives the actual physical meeting (because anyone who says that physical chemistry is irrelevant is either lying or terminally single) then the ACTUAL relationship starts out on much better ground than it would have if the 2 had met in a loud bar with bad music and lots of ingested alcohol.

As for the people who lie, cheat and mislead online…well unless they are VERY VERY good at it and put a lot of effort into it (and there are some really sad people who DO…) these people usually never survive the first physical meet because the inconsistencies are too much for the other person (as for the ones who DO fool you..well that’s like any relationship in real life…sometimes you get burn…you get over it)

I didn’t meet my soon-to-be wife on the net…but it was a very similar situation where we talked a lot before ever meeting…and it worked out better than I ever dreamed.

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