Powell Talks About the Wireless Future

Cord-cutter writes “The Seattle Times has an extensive piece looking at the future of wireless applications, based on an interview with the FCC chairman Michael Powell. A proposed revamping of the way spectrum is used could mean more competition in the telecom sector for the way you get Internet access. Already, some upstart companies are using off-the-shelf Wi-Fi equipment to bring high-speed Internet to rural areas that have no other option. The article points out that is possible because the FCC is led by someone who acknowledges the value of open wireless-network approaches, and who gets it generally.” This was actually one of the hot topics of the day today at Pulver’s Wireless Summit, where our own Derek Kerton sustained most of the attacks for going against the three others on his panel, arguing about the opening up of spectrum. I’ll let Derek chime in on his own, but his point is to take a measured approach to spectrum, realizing that there are plenty of groups who have already invested in spectrum. Opening up more spectrum is a great idea, but throwing everything wide-open on the belief that there will be no interference is a leap that doesn’t make sense, when the move can be made gradually so as to prove that the interference issue really isn’t a problem.

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