Latest Online Meme: Selling Your Ability To Party

from the how-quickly-will-this-move-over-to-the-US? dept

Let’s see… Flashmobs are dead and buried. Online begging has reached the pointless stage (a book has already been written!). It’s time for a new overhyped web-meme to flood the world. It looks like we’ve got a strong candidate in a bunch of women using eBay to sell their own presence (and a case of beer) to liven up any party. After a ton of publicity, they managed to get a top bid of 25,050 euros (about $40,700 – Update: Oops. The article is from Australia. It’s $40k Australian dollars, about $28k American – thanks Jerry). The women admit that they believe the winner is a company looking to use the party for publicity, realizing that the media is likely to show up. Meanwhile, like any such web-meme, others are jumping on the bandwagon and trying to sell their own ability to party. However, like most such things, the ones who do it first are the only ones likely to generate enough publicity to make it worthwhile. Though, if it catches on even slightly, I’m sure we’ll be seeing plenty of articles about the “trend”.

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Comments on “Latest Online Meme: Selling Your Ability To Party”

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LittleW0lf says:

Parties are for Lusers

However, like most such things, the ones who do it first are the only ones likely to generate enough publicity to make it worthwhile.

I’d like to be the first to sell my ability to not be able to party. Maybe I could make $40,000 too?

I’d much rather spend my time on Techdirt…parties are for lusers who cannot spend every waking hour on their computer and instead call me up at three in the morning to come over and fix their computers they borrowed from work and cannot seem to get their printers to connect so they can print out their pictures from the latest company party where they got drunk and ended up in the opposite gender’s bathroom making a fool of themselves. Call me a nerd, but parties are over-rated.

Steve Sanderson says:

Re: Re: Flash mobs aren't dead...

Look, just because Mike decides flash mobs are dead, doesn’t automatically make it so. The megalomania with this guy is INCREDIBLE! Hey Mike, cut it out with the social criticism and go back to playing videogames and downloading mp3s at work! The rest of us adults will decide when a fad has run its course…

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