Bangladesh Gets VoIP

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Sometimes, when you have a new technology coming along that wipes out an older technology, it’s the countries that are the most behind who are the fastest to adopt it – since they have many fewer legacy issues to deal with. That may be what’s happening in Bangladesh where intense political pressure has led the government to allow internet telephony. Of course, it seems a little silly that internet telephony needs to be “allowed”, since it’s just an application on a network, but that’s the way things work in the world. It should be interesting to see, if VoIP services are offered at a reasonable price, how quickly they surpass traditional telephone offerings in the country.

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Comments on “Bangladesh Gets VoIP”

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slim says:

It's not just an app

“Of course, it seems a little silly that internet telephony needs to be “allowed”, since it’s just an application on a network.”

In principal, this seems like a resonable assumption, however, in most developing countries, a major form of “progressive” taxation is the application of exhorbitant long-distance tariffs. (It is a way to soak the “rich” of a developing society, who are seen as being the only ones who can afford phones in the first place, and who are well off enough to have travelled, or escaped, in the second.

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