MetroPCS Sweetens Offer

MetroPCS is a newer carrier that operates its own networks in five US metros. The CDMA carrier’s strategy has seemed like landline replacement, as they have offered unlimited local usage for a flat fee of $35 a month. Some of the drawbacks have been regionally-limited coverage and no roaming, so that when a user exits the local area, the phone just doesn’t work, and also a higher cost for long-distance calls. The service appeals to people who may move about a city a lot, but don’t often leave their home area. Now MetroPCS has sweetened their offer with a $40 package that includes unlimited local and long-distance calling. MetroPCS offers great prices, but below the surface their balance sheet shows the effects: they are not the most financially healthy of the carriers. Either way, with 900,000 customers and growing, free long distance makes MetroPCS a much more credible landline replacement, and (isn’t this effect getting repetitive) the wireline companies will lose some customers.

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Comments on “MetroPCS Sweetens Offer”

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Rashad Thomas says:

Investing in Metro PCS

To whom it may concern:

My name is Rashad Thomas and I am sitting alongside my partner Chauncey Johnson. We are very intrested in seeing how we can invest into Metro PCS. We would like to try and start a Metro PCS authorized dealer in Cincinnati, Ohio. We have hit a brick wall and have no way to get in contact with anyone to see what our first step would be. My partner Chauncey Johnsons, older brother plays wide reciever for the Cincinnati Bengals (Chad Johnson). Chad is also my chilhood friend who also has me and his brothers back in this investment that we are trying to make out of something. Please e-mail back, if you have the first idea as to what my next move is should be.

Thanking you in advance for your continous support.

Anthony T McCarha Sr says:

Opening Metropcs Store

I have been a Metropcs user for over 3 years and very please what it has offered me. I do not have a land line phone simply because of the flexibilty that Metropcs has given me. I am moving to Anna, Tx in April & will be getting Married. My fiance and I want to invest into a profitable and growing business (Metropcs). Yoy have given me please send me info on where to start so i can give back to you.

Thank You in Advance.

O. Richmond says:

this is a rip off

I have been a metropcs customer for a few months now and deeply regret it!”Unlimited long distance” apparently means making all the long distance calls you want WITHIN your city!!I’ve been out of town twice now,once only 2 hrs outside of my town and was totally unable to make OR receive calls.Everytime I try cust serv I get a machine that says they arent taking calls at that time, no matter what time that is.And the “family” deals are a LIE.They charge an extra $15 PER PHONE every month in bogus fees.Its bad enuff they are charging twice as much for the phones themselves than other carriers.I dealt with that because I thought the monthly bill was going to be so “low” plus there’s no contract.Thank goodness for that much because I am currently looking into getting another carrier!

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