Problems With Current Thoughts On Security

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We’ve already had one story today suggesting that we need to think about computer security using a different metaphor, and consider it more similar to an airport (all access, but with security measures) than a fortress (not letting anyone in). Here are two more articles suggesting that the way we currently think about security issues is flawed. ZoneLab’s CEO is complaining about the problems we have in being reactive to security issues rather than proactive. Of course, a lot of his argument can be read as a pitch for his company’s security software. Meanwhile, a report from the RSA Security Conference suggests that hiring reformed malicious hackers isn’t a very good idea. This isn’t due to ethical issues, but the simple fact that most people breaking into computer systems really aren’t that good. They say that breaking into a system requires many fewer skills than protecting a system. Furthermore, as someone points out, hiring someone with a criminal record for hacking means that they actually got caught doing something wrong – suggesting they weren’t even very good at breaking in to systems.

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