Plenty Of Funky Technologies Designed For Mobile Phones

It appears some people are spending way too much time trying to figure out how to improve the basic mobile phone. The NY Times is running through a number of patented technologies designed to improve your phone. Some are pretty creative, while others are just bizarre. There’s the system that will let you send handwritten notes as messages, and a special (in-unit) printer for mobile phones (in case you want to print out that SMS). There’s the eavesdropping phone, where you can dial into the phone and hear what’s going on wherever the phone is. There’s also one idea that I’m sure many folks who have left regrettable voicemails will appreciate: the ability to call back a number where you left a voicemail, have the system recognize your number, and give you the opportunity to change or delete your message (I imagine this would work with more than just mobile phones). Some other inventors have created a product to help with the issue of driving while yakking: a mobile phone that clips onto your rear view mirror. Clearly, the technology used in mobile phones has plenty of room for innovation.

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