Virus Writers Stuck In A Rut?

from the where-did-they-all-go? dept

Anti-virus companies love to get people worked up into a lather about all the virus threats out there, because it helps them sell more product. So, it wasn’t much of a surprise that, following the “big” virus and trojan horse problems in August, the anti-virus “experts” started warning that this was just a prelude to something worse, and that we should expect even more virus problems as soon as the current viruses died out. While it is good to keep users vigilant about virus things, these announcements served more to make people ignore the real problem: the anti-virus companies failed. Of course, you don’t hear them speaking up now about the fact that their original predictions of “the next wave” of viruses immediately following the last wave appears not to have come true. Especially with the SoBig virus, we were told that the next version was supposed to appear in September sometime, but that never happened. Of course, it’s good when we don’t have virus outbreaks – and I have no doubt that they will come again – but once again we have a situation where the anti-virus folks seemed to hype things up beyond necessary.

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