Does TiVo Have A Standalone Future?

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Yet another story about how TiVo is still struggling, despite giving a name to the whole DVR space. As more and more cable and satellite TV providers offer their own DVRs, some are wondering if TiVo has a future? While those who use them still say that the TiVo device is much better than the all-in-one set-tops from cable companies, most consumers don’t know that, and are going with the set-top boxes because it’s easier to deal with. TiVo, themselves, are trying to move away from their hardware business and are focused on doing deals with the cable and satellite providers – but it’s been a slow road so far. Their only big relationship is with DirecTV. DirecTV, of course, is about to be swallowed whole by News Corp. which owns another company created DVR technology. Meanwhile, none of the other cable and satellite providers who offer DVR functionality have bothered to do deals with TiVo, believing they can build their own offering without any help.

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Comments on “Does TiVo Have A Standalone Future?”

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Anonymous Coward says:

it's a tough call

I’ve been a big fan of the MythTv(.org) project for a while. I like the idea that a poor bastard like me can actually tape TV on a P3-600 and a $20 TV card and play it back. I know there’s a great market for mom and grandpa to tape TV effectively using a packaged setup of one of these units, but I don’t know that TiVo will be able to stay afloat considering how well MythTV is doing on the UI improvements. MythTV may be a great tool and free to use, but the downside is it may just end up killing some truly decent people who work hard to get enough money to eat.

Save your “Change or Die” mantra; Linux, no matter how great it must be, yada yada, is cutting into markets where good people (people who will help you make the most of the thing they sold you, like Tivo) are no longer able to stay afloat, and support structures that are put in place by these companies is being replaced by a bunch of kids who don’t even publish a phone number, let alone offer any kind of support, and America is validating this kind of irresponsibility just like it is validating frivolous McDonalds-hot-coffee-style lawsuits.

In short, I’m conflicted: I like MytvTV, but I hate how I’m forced to validate the lack of accountability inherent in free/open/whatever software through my support or lack of support for the higher-priced product sold happily by people who are, by all accounts, good people.

Of course, if TiVO could decide to export it across the world’s longest undefended border and make it available to the people in my neighbourhood, the decision would be even harder.

Mike (profile) says:

Re: it's a tough call

You’re upset because someone is offering a cheaper product? I’m confused…

Let’s say I’m selling pizzas for $50 a pie, and along comes someone else who sells pizzas that are almost as good for $10 a pie. I’m going to go out of business. That’s just business.

If things like MythTV are really in need of a support solution, then one will spring up – perhaps even charging money to provide the necessary support.

What that has to do with TiVo’s ability to stay in business is beyond me, however.

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