Independent Music Compilation Inspired By Spam

from the at-least-it's-good-for-something dept

Not quite sure what to make of this, but Ryan King writes Outside the Inbox is a compilation of songs inspired by and titled after the subject lines of spam. Artists were asked to choose a subject line from an actual piece of spam and then write a song with it as its title. The result is a fun 14-song concept album filled with some of the great music being made by home recordists on the Internet today.” All the songs are available as MP3s, or you can send the guy who put it all together $5 and he’ll send you a copy on CD. I’ve only listened to a few songs, but it sounds like there are some good songs there. Now, who is going to come out with the compilation about how the music industry sucks?

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Comments on “Independent Music Compilation Inspired By Spam”

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LittleW0lf says:

This is the best album I've heard in a while...

I love creativity in music, and this one tops my list lately of creativity. I’m sending $5 for a CD, my favorite, even though it is rap, has got to be MC Frontalot’s Urgent Business Relationship… I was laughing so hard my co-workers had to listen to it to figure out why I was laughing.

Don’t type though, it is not the same as (and might get you in trouble!!!)

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